Spending the Holidays at Disneyland



There is truly never a better time to visit Disneyland than during the holidays. Every holiday, Disneyland transforms. During Halloween, there are many creepy sights to see and many themed decorations that make the park something to be entranced by. Then, during Easter, there are pastel colors surrounding and there is no stopping the amount of wonderful chocolate candies that can be eaten throughout the park. But, the time when Disneyland truly lights up into a winter wonderland is during the Christmas holiday season. During this time, Disneyland becomes something that is truly something to behold. There is white twinkling and multi-colored lights as far as the eye can see as well as Disney characters that don new outfits that fit perfectly into the holiday theme. There are special Disney toys that are perfect just for Christmas as well as detailed ornaments that are beautiful for adorning on your tree. The reality is that anytime is a great time to go to Disneyland, but the holiday season is the best time to experience Disneyland. Along with the holiday season being amazing at Disneyland, don’t forget that every night Disneyland has fireworks that go off at 9:30pm. These fireworks are truly signature of Disneyland park and many individuals with annual passes to Disneyland will simply come to watch the fireworks since they are that epic each and every night. Set your sights on one of Disneyland’s signature shows that change and renew. There is always something new to see at Disneyland and something new to experience. There are new rides that are being built and also great new foods and treats that are constantly being replenished at the park. There really is never a bad time to go and experience Disneyland.


Of course, the best aspect about Disneyland is making memories that last for years and years to come. There is just something so special about Disneyland park that makes it feel different and creates memories that just can never be forgotten. The lights, the smells, and the feeling are all signature to Disney and many people remember this feeling forever. And, this feeling is the reason that so many people keep coming back. There is just never a time when you will get sick of going to Disneyland because there is always something new that they are introducing into the park. But, to be perfectly honest, paying the usual price for a Disneyland entry fee can get expensive. The prices seem to keep going up each and every year. But, this is why it is of paramount importance to visit a site that is geared for getting the best deals on Disneyland tickets! There are a few websites that are able to offer cheap Disneyland tickets as well as cheap park hopper tickets. And, of course, who wouldn’t want to save money when going to Disneyland.  With all that Disneyland has to offer, there is no reason not to go and experience it as much as possible. Disneyland is truly a place where dreams are made of and a place that creates lasting memories.


Holidays at Disneyland

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