The Tarzan Tree house was opened on June 23, 1999, replacing the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, a Disneyland attraction based on the Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson and had been in existence since 1962. The Tarzan tree house is a scintillating walk through attraction that is styled after the famous movie Tarzan. The main character himself was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs over a century ago.  Tarzan has been so popular among literature and television for years before Disney made an animated movie from it.  This attraction was designed to re-create the magical effects of the movie Tarzan on guests can be found in Anaheim, California and Disneyland, Hong Kong.

The Tarzan House is a 150 ton structure that is anchored by massive roots, which penetrate a distance of 42 feet into the ground. This tree house is 70 feet tall and has about 450 branches and 6000 lacy leaves. Jungle vines and moss are added to the tree house to make it look like the rightful home of Tarzan, the lord of the apes. The Imagineers, who designed the house, left a single branch and its leaves from the old Swiss Family Robinson house so that visitors can catch a glimpse of what the old attraction look and felt like.

The Tarzan attraction has a lot of captivating sights, interesting attractions, and entertaining interactive features that can thrill visitors and give them a good time. It is not surprising that the house is among the most visited attractions in Disneyland. This enchanting home of the ‘Lord of the Ape’ attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors who marvel at the scintillating home of Tarzan.

One funny fact about the Tarzan’s house is that they are plenty of rooms in the tree house, but guess what? There is not even a single bed in any of the room in the tree house. Well, Tarzan and his ape buddies do not need a bed to sleep on.

One of the attractions of the the tree house is the room where the jaguar resides. A new visitor who goes close to the room should expect a surprise: the jaguar will actually roar loudly at the visitor, letting out a quick rush of air from its mouth. This is an exciting experience. A visitor will also encounter similar experience in the room which houses the cheetah. In the case, when the visitor touches the book in the room, the cheetah will roar, letting out a rush of cool air from its mouth.

The interactive section, located at the end of the passage way, usually leave visitors with lots of blissful memories. The xylophone and the climbing rope located in the interactive session will emit different beautiful sounds. Thus, visitors can have a great time in the interactive section playing with different Tarzan stuffs like pots, pans, etc, as well as the climbing rope, and xylophone which produces melodious sound.

A visit to the enigmatic Tarzan Tree House does not come cheap. It will definitely cost you a lot of money. It’s always recommended to shop for discount park hoppers so you too can enjoy this attraction.