Cars land has to be one of the coolest attraction Disneyland has added yet, especially for the little Cars fans of your own. Cruise around Radiator Springs and enjoy all the different sights just like you are Lightning McQueen and Mater. Cars Land has a few very cool places to dine as you enjoy the view of the awesome little town they created.   The places to eat in Cars Land are:

  • Flo’s V8 Cafe
  • The Cozy Cone Diner
  • Filmore’s Taste-In

I will start with Flo’s V8 Cafe. Cruise on up to the doors and enter the world of the 1950s inspired diner. This is definitely a place you should go if you are looking to fill your tank. It looks exactly the way you imagine it should while watching the movie Cars from the neon lights everywhere to the registers shaped like jukeboxes. The taste of their cuisine are nothing short of amazing with their spit-fired rotisserie special like New York strip, roast beef, and turkey entrees. For a side you can choose from mashed potatoes, corn, carrots and peas, baked beans (vegetarian), pasta salad, and their signature coleslaw. They also have a turkey citrus salad and a veggie tater bake. For dessert you must try the Flo’s pie-o-ramas or the milkshakes that taste just like homemade. Kids menu consists of roast beef sandwich, turkey sandwich, and macaroni and cheese. Guests also rave about Flo’s BBQ sauce made from Coca Cola that covers her pork loins.

The Cozy Cone Motel diner is another great place the get a refill of your tank. Just like in the movie it is a series of five giant bright orange road cones that each hold its own unique menu. Cone number one offers Churro Bites. These bite size churros are covered in a slightly spicy chocolate sauce and a re a must try. They also have Ramones ‘Pear- of- Dice’ Soda. If you are a pear fan then it is a must have.

At cone number two you can get your ice cream. Get an old fashion ice cream cone of vanilla, chocolate or twist dipped in chocolate or not, your choice. Also offered is “route” beer for you root beer fans out there.

At cone number three you can order a chili con queso or a chicken verde. These delectable dishes are served up in a surprising bread cone.

Cone number four has pretzel bites served with a side of dipping cheese. They also have a frozen beverage called the Red’s apple freeze. If you are an apple or apple juice fan then you have to try this beverage, its especially refreshing on a hot day.

Then there is cone number five where can get different flavored popcorn sold in a popcone. The flavors of popcorn vary from day to day. Dill, nacho cheese, and butter are just a few choices you may find. For a beverage choice try Doc’s wild grape tonic offered only at cone number five.

The other dining option in Cars Land is Filmore’s Taste- In. This option is mainly just for a quick snack like a bag of potato chips, fresh fruit, or a nice cold drink. The stand itself however is pretty cool just to swing by and check out especially at night with the glowing psychedelic colors.

Whatever your dining choice maybe you are sure to find something to satisfy your cravings at Disney Cars Land. Look for discounts online and buy those tickets today. Make all your little one’s dreams come true.