World of Color is an amazing water show that will leave you breathless.  It takes place in the evening in Disney’s California Adventure theme park.  Over 1,000 jets propel colorful, intricate water patterns to bring beloved Disney and Disney Pixar moments to life.  You’ll enjoy a stunning spectacle of your favorite character from Ariel, to Jasmine and Aladdin, to Simba, to Woody and Buzz!  Fast pass distribution for seating to the show begins at park opening near the entrance of the Grizzly River Run attraction.  If you want to guarantee great views of the show consider one of the World of Color dining packages.  These dining packages range from a picnic lunch to a full service dining experience.  The dining packages come with special tickets for premier viewing areas.  You can get all this with your park hopper ticket.


Most people do not know that to view this amazing show you must have a fast pass ticket.  Disneyland will usually run out of tickets for this show as early as 1 pm each day.  On busy days such as Saturdays and the summer season expect to spend 40 minutes plus to get in to the viewing area.   The seating process is set up just like the color of the rainbow.  You will either get assigned the green, blue, yellow, orange or red section.  When getting tickets you have no control over which section you are assigned.  Luckily the show and sound is set up to accommodate huge audiences, up to 3000 guest per show.  So regardless where you are stationed you will still be able to enjoy the show.  On busy days California Adventure will add an additional show to accommodate the larger crowds.


Spoiler Alert!  It’s not just a water show.  You will see a huge movie projected on to a movie screen made of water.  Their fountains would give Bellagio a run for their money.  Certain moments during the show, fire and water will erupt from the floor.  During the show you will see many beloved characters and a few new ones.  Disney did an excellent job of selecting the most beloved characters from the original princesses (Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty) to the new Pixar characters from Toy Story to the movie Up.


You can now be apart of the show with the ‘Glow with the Show’ hats.  These are amazing hats with lights on top of them.  They are more like devices then attire.  Each hat has batteries, multi-color lights and sensors.  During the show, a signal goes out and your hat will glow the color of the show.  For instance when the blue Genie appears on the movie, your hat will turn blue in sync with image.  These hats are sold throughout the park.  They are reasonably priced at $15 per hat.  You can also use them at the daytime show ‘The Mad Tea Party” starring the Mad Hatter.


So you must now be wondering is this show worth waiting in line for.  You would also have to sacrifice seeing the fireworks because it comes on at the same time.  The answer is YES!  This show is excellent.  I’ve personally seen the fireworks show and Fantasmic.  Both are great shows, but it’s all the same old tricks.  The World of Color is an original and exciting experience for the whole family.   I have yet to meet anyone that was not impressed by this show, I know you will too.






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