Disneyland’s Most Popular Restaurant: Carnation Cafe

Have you recently been considering taking your children on vacation but not quite sure where your family should venture out to? Are your children intrigued by Disneyland and all of their lavish amenities? Make your children’s dreams come true and vacation to Anaheim, California.

Although vacations are intended to be peaceful and relaxing, planning a vacation can be very stressful as it requires a lot of hard work. Vacations that are further from home tend to be the most stressful as you have to plan, pack, and prepare yourself for the unexpected. Keep in mind when there are children around just about anything can happen so prepare accordingly.

Are you planning to take your kids to the Happiest Place on Earth but you’re concerned about the foods they will eat while on vacation? Are you very conscience about your family’s overall health and well-being? If so your worrying can stop now. Carnation Cafe is the answer to all your worries.

Carnation Cafe is a full service restaurant which features both classic American style and vegetarian cuisine. Its charming appearance exudes a majestic ambience which fits right in with the Disneyland theme.

Are your children intrigued by Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse? Carnation Cafe’s menu is inspired by various Disney characters. Try our most popular Disney inspired menu options including our state of the art Mickey shaped waffle, Minnie’s junior scramble or Mickey’s junior waffles.

Due to the increased popularity of our restaurant, we advise you to make reservations by either calling Disney Dining or stopping by in person. Do whichever is more convenient for you and your family.

Do you prefer healthier food options for your family? Don’t worry we have a menu featuring a variety of healthy food choices. We offer apple-granola pancakes, steel-cut oatmeal cakes, spinach and tomato egg white, and seasonal fruit options for breakfast. For lunch you can choose from a house salad, a warm spinach salad with grilled chicken, a romaine salad with shrimp, or the chef’s vegan burger.

Enjoy Carnation Cafés delicious cuisine as you take in the scenery from Carnation Cafés outdoor seating? Don’t like eating outside? Great, we offer both indoor and outdoor seating so feel free to dine wherever you like. Remember your on vacation so have your family broaden their horizons and try something a bit different.   Annual ticket holders can get discounts of up to 10% here, depending on the level of passport.

While you’re out dining make sure you learn a little about Carnation Cafés history. Carnation Cafe opened their doors in 1955 as Carnation Cafe Ice Cream Parlor. Nestlé acquired the company in 1985 and decided to shutdown Carnation Cafe Ice Cream Parlor because they wanted to feature some of their other ice cream brands.

The outdoor space was later called Carnation Cafe. Customers now had the option of ordering more than desserts because they now have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. However, customers were restricted to only outdoor dining as Carnation Cafe offered only outdoor seating. In 2012, Carnation Cafe acquired their original space which now featured an indoor seating area for customers.

Dine indoors or outdoors at Disneyland’s most unique restaurant, Carnation Cafe, and try our delicious Disney inspired menu options today!