Fantasmic is a live show based on the most beloved Disney character, Mickey Mouse. In this show, Mickey enjoys a dream where undersea creatures are projected on water screen. The play is based on interesting story line and it has all the features that can attract and entertain the audiences. If you are also interested in show then simply wait in front of Tom Sawyer’s Island.  That’s where the performance happens.  No additional tickets are required, but do show up early for better viewing spots.  There are no seats, it’s simply standing room only.

As the shows goes on, some evil characters enter the show like the Evil Queen, Scar, Maleficent, Hades, Frollo etc. They all attack Mickey’s dreams. The main villain is the Evil queen from Snow White.  She tries to erase the existence of Mickey Mouse through her sorcery but he survives and wins the battle at the end.

Fastasmic was created in 1992 and still popular among Disney guest today. Fantasmic has been a successful attraction in California and Florida. The show has recently been added to Tokyo Disneyland.

The show was created when Disney’s entertainment department wanted to include a night time spectacular with water and fireworks that can attract large pool of audience with an interesting story.   For this reason, Disney animators were appointed to put together a new story board. In 1996, a new version of Fantasmic show was released with some interesting animation and live action scenes. This new version is based upon waters of Rivers where female narrates the story. Today Mickey Mouse is our hero and he will use his imagination for creating magical effects in the show. There is nothing more powerful than imagination.

Is Mickey Mouse’s imagination enough to destroy the evil characters? To find out, you have to see Fantasmic. This is an interesting journey beyond your imagination. At every step, you will explore something new that was never expected earlier. The dream starts with a simple water show at the river. The animation and beautiful sound effects make the show more vivid and captivated. The animation further blends into jungle beat to explore the lighting across the island. There are black lit monkeys across the river, dancing along to the beat. There are animated pink elephants moving across the Island.

Colorful lights are added to the water effects to enhance the show.  This is a wholesome show that you can enjoy with your family, friends and children.   For the last twenty years it’s been updated and still able to entertain families today.