When you are at Disneyland enjoying the theme park, riding rides, watching the shows, meeting characters, learning about history, shopping you will notice there are many different restaurants to choose from. I have a recommendation for you if you may. The Carthay Circle located in Carthay Circle theater. It is a fine dining restaurant that you do not have to be dressed to impress and feel out of place. The decor is upscale, the food is most definitely upscale, the drinks are upscale, and the service is topnotch.

Carthay Circle is Disneyland’s top restaurant. Their menu consists of a modern and trendy variety of flavors with local produce. The ambiance of the restaurant is old Hollywood glamour. Upscale dining in a theme park can be tricky. It requires a certain menu but if anyone can pull it off Disney can. Most upscale dining places have a certain level of service, dress code, etc. and theme parks are full of hot tourists in comfortable clothes there to have fun not dressed to impress. So as you can see Carthay Circle was a gamble for Disney but they threw all their chips on the table and nailed it. The other upscale dining restaurant let others dine at their location without buying a park pass but Carthay Circle Restaurant does not.

Past customers have recommended:

  •  The Fire Cracker Duck Wings
  • Carthay Signature Fried Biscuits stuffed with white cheddar, bacon, and jalapeno
  • It’s Thick Cut Pork Chop  with thyme roasted pears, brussels sprouts and brandy thyme
  • Sesame Soy Glazed Skuna Bay Salmon

Expense was not spared by Disney when it came to the design of the dining area and including down in the lounge, it is all classy and unique. The drinks are all brilliant and well thought out. When dining he first decision you need to make is to eat in the dining rooms that are very luxurious and greatly designed, or on the terrace where you can view Buena Vista Street. If you ask the servers they will take you on a tour of the restaurant and it is highly recommended. The inside is decorated with rich deep wood paneling, old photos in black and white of Walt Disney on the walls, and amazing ceiling with art inspired by Snow White fill the walls inside. They are truly amazing sights to see. It definitely shows Disney went all out to make it special and they went above and beyond.

Another upside is you can view Disney’s Magical show from the terrace. The Magical show is Disney’s firework display the hold every night that goes along with a show and music. Even though you cannot hear the music but it is a great way to view them without all the hustle and bustle of being down with the crowded park.

Carthay Circle Restaurant is not a cheap restaurant, it’s one of the elite Disney restaurants there is no denying that. It’s not a place where the average tourist only spending one day at Disney would want to go, but the serious Disney fan on a few day trip would definitely enjoy each and every little piece of it. So check out park hopper tickets so you can dine in style.