Walmart Discount Disney Tickets: What You Can Save


Disney tickets are expensive. If you want a park hopper to be able to go to two or more of the parks, you will be spending over $100 for a single day. Walmart discount Disney tickets give you the opportunity to save on the tickets so you have more money for some of the other things that you have to buy once inside the park – like parking, snacks, meals and souvenirs.


You have to decide on the kinds of tickets you want. For example, you can get a single park ticket or a park hopper. The park hopper allows you to visit Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and even Magic Kingdom in a single day. You can go in to each as many times as you want during operating hours. When you buy the park hopper, however, it does not get you into the water parks.


This means that when you buy Walmart discount Disney tickets, you are saving on the admission of tickets to the theme parks. Once inside the park, you won’t be given any other discounts. This doesn’t mean you can’t be on the lookout for them, though. For example, teachers and military personnel can sometimes be given discounts on merchandise and food.


You also won’t save on parking. However, if you stay in one of the hotels, you don’t have to worry about parking because of transportation provided to you in the form of the monorail or shuttle buses.


The longer you stay at Disney, the more you save. For example, you will save more on a four-day pass than you will on a single day pass. The Walmart discount Disney tickets can provide you with some big savings when you plan on going to Disney for a single day. In some instances, you have the ability to use the four in the span of several months as opposed to back to back.


Anytime you buy Walmart discount Disney tickets, you need to look at the caveats. You don’t want to buy the tickets only to find out that there is a blackout date when you want to go or that the passes will expire before you have the opportunity to use all of the days.


You will be able to find Walmart discount Disney tickets throughout Walmart stores around the country. Before you buy, flip the cards over and read the details. As long as you like what you see in terms of the parks covered and the dates the tickets are available, go ahead and make the purchase.


The benefit to Walmart discount Disney tickets is that you don’t have to work for anyone special or have a particular association.

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Walmart Discount Disney Tickets

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