As technological advancements began to infiltrate every genre and aspect of our life, 3-dimensional TV’s and films are becoming much more prevalent. With increased popularity, amusement parks including Disneyland are incorporating 3-D mini movies into their major attractions. Spectacular 3-D films are engaging and interactive.

Disneyland features its best attraction ever, It’s Tough to Be a Bug.

Curious as to where bugs live? Typically, bugs live in trees which is why the 3-D film, It’s Tough to Be a Bug, is stationed inside a theatre in the base of the Tree of Life. Prior to reaching the theatre where It’s Tough to be a Bug is featured guests and their family must travel around the base of the tree. Along this path you can try to spot the numerous species of bugs present.

Guests are given 3-D bug glasses upon entrance into the Tree of Life. As you find your way to the theatre you will first reach the pre-show area. The pre-show includes large intricately designed posters from classic shows performed by the Tree of Life Repertory Theatre Players such as “A Cockroach Line,” “A Stinkbug Named Desire,” “Beauty and the Bee,” “My Fair Ladybug,” and “Web Side Story.”

Guests travel to the roots of the Tree of Life where they are escorted into a large 430 seat theatre where they are seated to watch some of the most strikingly stunning visuals ever created by imagineers. Prior to entering the theatre people were considered simply guest; however, guests have now gained the titled of honorary insects. As a honorary insect you must abstain from making buzzing, chirping, and any other bug related sounds.

Dazzling 3D movie technology brings guests face to face with eye popping realistic insects in It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Disney’s audio-animatronics feature characters such as Flik and Hopper from Disney Pixar film, A Bug’s Life, as they come to life with startling surprising visuals.

Flik hags upside from the ceiling and informs guests to put their 3D glasses on. A wide variety of insects are used in the film. Chilean Tarantula, acorn weevils, a soldier termites make their guest appearance. The termite is known for spraying all intruders with acid especially a snide flea which serves as his first victim. The termite becomes so paranoid that he suspects the audience members are also intruders and proceeds to shoot them until he runs out of acid.

Hopper becomes upset that Flik allowed humans to come into the insect world. Flik is chased by a rhinoceros beetle as an advertisement for exterminators is shown. Furious Hopper wants to retaliate against all humans and makes a gigantic fly swatter try to flatten the audience. As the screen goes pitch black a hand with a can of bug spray appears. Hornets and black widow spiders attempt to attack the audience and Hopper announces that he can’t be stopped. Bam, a chameleon tries to eat Hopper.

Bees, dragonflies, ladybugs, and other insects appear and sing about their tough life as a bug. At the end of the show Flik explains to guests that magnifying lens are used to viewing small things not for burning small things.

Purchase a cheap ticket today so you and your family could experience what a bug goes through in the 3D film, It’s Tough to Be a Bug.”