A Mastery Of Imagination Seen Thru The Eyes Of The Nature Trail: The Red Creek Challenge Trail

Grizzly Peak at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park contains a glimpse of nature with an historical significance. Many of us who visit the area from out of state or country may not know how truly connected the park is to preserving and representing the natural geography and history of the region. Walt’s’ fascination with imagination clearly stems from a wonderful fascination with nature and the story of the north American continent and in this case the use of The Red Creek Challenge Trail to introduce us to or remind us of its great heritage.

Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa is modeled after the Ahwahnee Lodge that stands in California’s Yosemite National Park. The Ahwahnee were the native people of the Ahwahnee Valley more recently known as the Yosemite Valley. The name Yosemite was the name given to these native peoples by the European explores who may have miss spelled and pronounced the Ahwahnee word “uzamani” which means grizzly bear.

The Red Creek Challenge Trail is a wonderful idealized recreation of a natural trail system reminding us of the human desire for exploration and adventure. Hit the trail to experience that same thrill in the exploration of infinite possibilities. Open up your imagination to the wonders of the trail, pick up a map at the trail head or just take off to see were the winding tree lined trail leads.

What a Family of Adventures can expect along the Trail:

  •  A chance to discover their animal spirits, search for the spirit cave hidden among the trees
  • An opportunity to earn their Wilderness Explorer Badges by following the clues
  • A Senior Wilderness Explorer ceremony and a meeting with Russell from the movie Up

Awaken the natural explorer within while climbing the rugged rock out crops or inspirational bolder bear’s. Fly down a natural rock slide and hit the trail again to discover your inner spirit animal. Traveling with a large family expedition can be a challenge on personal resources, but there is nothing to worry about because discounted fares can still be discovered.

Want to expand the geographic range of your day’s explorations then relax in the knowledge that the parker hopper is a well established wilderness tradition. Before you move on you will want to earn all of your wilderness badges and head over to the Ahwahnee camp circle. Although the Senior Wilderness Explorer Ceremony takes place several times throughout the day you will want to take a look at the daily entertainment schedule to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be awarded the designation of Senior Wilderness Explorer.

Imagination has no age limit’s keep an open mind when heading out for an amazing day of fun with family and friends. Keep an eye out for the unexpected and you just might meet an explorer from the past. Get a little lost along the way and rediscover the inner explorer in you. Need some help finding your way back, no worries there are experienced rangers along the trail to answer questions and guide you on toward your next adventure?