The Storybook Land Canal ride is one of my children’s favorite rides in Disneyland. This boat ride starts out by going through a cave shaped like Monstro, the whale that swallows up Pinocchio. In true Disney fashion the whale’s eyes move and steam comes out of its blow whole. Past Monstro the whale you pass through a canal that is decorated to the max to look like a small village in the Netherlands that Walt Disney himself visited many years ago. In the landscaping there is a bonsai tree that Walt Disney planted himself. At the end of the ride the boat plunges to a pond of water splashing the riders aboard.

It is a beautiful ride but was not always that beautiful. Storybook Land Canal used to be nicknamed the Mud Bank Ride because when t first opened the cave was just a cave you passed through and the landscaping was not complete, it was just a bunch of muddy banks.

Construction for the Storybook Land Canal Boats started in 1955 and had hiccup after hiccup from the beginning. Walt Disney’s vision soared way past the current technology at that time. Walt Disney wanted it to be modeled after Madurodam in the Netherlands. He wanted animated people, animals and other decorations but just did not have the resources at that time. Its original name that it was opened up with was Canal Boats of the world. Walt Disney wanted miniature versions of the great landmarks that are around the world. That again was not feasible. Disney also had problems with the boats that were to carry the passengers through the canal. They over heated a lot and had to be pulled by hand. The boats eventually got fixed to work the way they were suppose to and were then replicated after Dutch English and Freance boats.

The Canal Boats closed just two months after it was opened to finish the landscaping. That is also when they turned the plain cave into Monstro the whale. The canals now endure recordings of characters singing and working. It also includes scenes from Disney’s most well known movies and stories.

During the ride you will visit:

  • The village of cobblestones with Gepetto’s wood shop from Pinocchio
  • Toad Hall out of the movie Mr. Toad and Ichabod
  • Aladdin Sultan’s palace
  • London Park out of the story Peter Pan
  • A gold castle and Cinderella’s village
  • The seven dwarfs cottage
  • White rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland,
  • The three little pig’s home,
  • King Triton’s castle
  • The Cave of wonders.

Storybook Land Canal Boats is just one of the amazing attractions in the giant park of Disneyland that your children are sure to enjoy. I have enjoyed this ride many many many times over the years and it is one of those rides that every time you ride it you see and find different things in the landscape. There are many discounts on tickets out there so book your day or week of family fun today.