The Exclusive Club 33 inside Disneyland


Club 33 is an enchanting as well as happening hub which is integrally associated with the name and fame of Disneyland. The comparatively cheap quasi selective as well as incredibly happening club has remained in existence since 1967. You must know the popularity of this age old club has not dwindled. On the contrary it is increasing in leaps and bounds. It is important to note in this regard that Club 33 is going to cost a whopping initiation fee which is close to $25,000. If you are really interested to become a member then you have to be ready to pay a significant amount which is close to $10,000 per year. Though the fees are high it does not include admission to Disneyland and California Adventure.  That requires a separate annual passport that also gets you discounts throughout the park.  Don’t you think that the figures are interesting? Well the figure might seem to be a little dandy as well as a little overpriced but you can bet that it is worth it.

It would surely be great to know in this regard that the hall of fame pertaining to the famed club is indeed enormous as well as pretty impressive. If you make it a point that you are going to delve a little deep into the nitty-gritty’s of the club then you are definitely going to figure out a pretty lengthy list of stars as well as celebrities who have graced the place with their presence. For example, you are going to figure out names like Elton John, Tom hanks as well as many other noted dignitaries.

Club 33 represents the essence of a pristine as well as strictly private club that gives you a perfect ambiance to unwind your mind. Only members of the club with park hopper ticket at Disneyland can have access to the inner sanctum of this famed place. It is interesting to note in this regard that it is the one particular restaurant in the whole world where you get the leverage of asking for alcoholic beverage at point blank. Situated in the midst of New Orleans Square the club happens to be an added embellishment that tends to increase the grandeur of the theme park quite efficiently. It is to be mentioned in this regard that Club 33 has got liquor license and the famed entity has got the right to set up or arrange bars for all sorts of private parties as well as events. If you are really lucky to have your tickets to this place then you really need to consider yourself as fortunate enough.

If you are looking for some real good time spent among some of the most elite people on earth then you can really bet that you are going to get that as you happen to get your tickets to Club 33. You can bet that it is going to be a jaunt that you are going to treasure in your mind forever. If you miss a jaunt into the club then you can ensure that you are actually missing a hell lot of fun. Believe it or not one membership can really offer you some sort of a surreal experience which is hard to forget for eternity.

Club 33 disneyland

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