The Best Show is the Disneyland Aladdin Show

There is a place with an out-of-this world, magical feel. Being there automatically transports you to your childhood as you relive the joys and wonders of being a kid again. It is called Disneyland. It is a place where every child on earth dreams of visiting. Disneyland is a theme park which was created by Walt Disney to serve as a tourist centre for fans of his Toon-movie creations to actually experience the characters of their favorite cartoons come alive.  Disneyland has a variety of attractions – from the rides, to models dressed as characters posing for pictures, the list is endless. However, my main focus is on the shows performed there. Due to the excitement, appeal, realism, stage performance, “magical wonders” and the audience reviews from the show; Disney’s Aladdin: A musical spectacular, is rated as the best show in Disneyland.

The Disneyland Aladdin Show is a 45minutes Broadway type production with a blend of pop culture which gives a fresh feel to it. In between every major scene, there is a musical performance of theme songs by the lead character in that scene. In some cases, there are backup dancers and actors. It is performed at the Hyperion theatre which has a capacity of 2000 seats, located at the Disney California Adventure park. This show brings to reality, the famous Disney movie Aladdin. The main characters such as Genie, Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, Jafar, Flying carpet, Sultan etc and scenes from the movie are re-created on stage with so much detail that at some point you forget you are watching a stage play and believe you are watching the movie itself!

The show begins with a traveler heading to Agrabah and offering the Audience a tale to pass time with. The plot is exactly the same as the Aladdin movie so most of the roles are scripted in that format. However, the Genie’s dialogues are boisterous and unscripted. It constantly changes according to pop culture, recent happenings etc. The story revolves around Aladdin, a street boy who steals food stuff from sellers to eat and also shares his steals with the less privileged. Jafar, the Sultan’s Grand Vizer, after several attempts to retrieve a magical lamp from the cave of wonders discovers that Aladdin is “the diamond in the rough”; the only one who can enter the cave of wonders and seeks him out. In the process of Aladdin retrieving the lamp, he gets trapped and discovers a magical flying carpet and the magical lamp. The flying carpet then tells him to rub the magical lamp so he can release the Genie. After this, he gets three wishes and he uses the first wish to leave the cave.

In the course of his usual rounds in the market place, he meets the princess who is dressed in the disguise of a peasant girl. The encounter is quite eventful and rough but leaves a great impression on him and in that process he falls in love with her and uses his second wish to transform into a rich prince – Prince Ali. The princess however is very skeptical about him thinking he will be like the other princes before him. He manages to convince her to ride with him on the flying carpet and then she falls in love with him.

The princess goes to tell her father of her decision to marry Prince Ali and finds him enchanted by Jafar. Jafar then threatens to hurt the Sultan and Princess Jasmine if Aladdin does not give him the magical lamp. Aladdin hands over the lamp to him but tricks into wishing he was a genie and then he becomes trapped in another lamp forever and is thrown into the cave of wonders. Princess Jasmine still marries Aladdin even after discovering he was not a prince and the lived happily ever after.

There is never a dull moment as it is family friendly and appeals to both its younger and older audiences. It appeals to the innocence of the children and the Genie’s wisecracks appeals to the wisdom of the older audiences. This is a great way to spend family time and have fun as a family unit! Aladdin’s musical spectacular remains for me, the best show in Disneyland!


The Disneyland Aladdin Show

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