Named after the renowned frontiersman Davy Crockett, these canoes are the only attraction in Disneyland Resort, California that can be powered by park visitors. The ride offer visitors the opportunity to go on a thrilling, sight-seeing ride on the man-made River of Americas located in Disneyland. The explorer canoes expeditions are always fun-filled and explorers should expect exciting discoveries at every bend in the river during this expedition. Two river guides usually accompany the passengers on the Davy Crockett explorer canoes on every single trip.

The design of the canoes was inspired by the boats used by the Native Americans and European explorers to move around the rivers of America. These boats are 35-feet long and can accommodate 20 passengers. The Davy Crockett explorer vessels are free-floating and are powered entirely by paddles; they, therefore, do not require the use of a motor.

For those who are afraid of the workload associated with paddling a canoe, they do not to worry. The Davy Crockett explorer canoes are lightweight boats that can float on their own. Therefore, the paddling usually done on the boat is for fun rather than for propulsion. The two river guides, one sitting at the rear and the other at the forefront, are capable of paddling the canoes without the help of the passengers during the voyage.

Before the commencement of every voyage, the passengers are given a crash course on how to paddle a canoe. Thus, no experience is needed in order to embark on an exhilarating trip on the Davy Crockett explorer canoes. However, kids are required to wear life jacket on every voyage; this is done for safety reasons.

In order not to miss the breathtaking trip on explorer canoes, visitors need to arrive at Critter Country where the canoes are boarded very early in the day. Davy Crockett explorer canoes are open to visitors during certain times of the day, mostly in the early hours of the day. The weather conditions also play a major role in determining whether visitors will be allowed access to the Davy Crockett explorer canoes or not. Don’t discount that during bad weather conditions and certain seasons of the year, the Crockett explorer canoes are closed to visitors.

A cruise on the Davy Crockett explorer canoes usually takes visitors around Pirate Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, the Peak of Chick-A-Pin Hill, the backwoods of Frontierland, and the wrought iron railings of New Orleans Square. Along the river edge, an eagle-eyed passenger will definitely observe the Disneyland Railroad steaming in the wilderness, the Idyllic Native American village, a Haunted Mansion lurking in the shadows, mountain lions relaxing in the sun, busy beavers at work on a dam, and the rustic cabin of frontier settler.