Are you planning a family vacation? Have your children been repeatedly asking you if you could take them to Disneyland? If so purchase cheap Disneyland tickets for you and your family today. Once you go to Disneyland your first stop should be Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You and your family will enjoy the 3D films Disney’s Hollywood Studios features.

Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 3D, one of Disney’s Hollywood Studios major attractions, premiered on May 16, 1991. This show featured audio-animatronics including full sized Muppets and other mind blowing effects. Some of these audio-animatronics include the Swedish Chef, Miss Piggy, and Sweetums. The Swedish Chef operates the projector from the booth area located behind you. When Bean Bunny leaves the film after Sam the Eagle accuses him of ruining quite a few scenes Sweetums comes out into the audience to look for him.

Prior to the show Muppets Vision 3D, you and other guest will occupy the pre-show area. During the pre-show, you will take a mini tour of office doors with bizarre job descriptions. A motorbike extends beyond the wall creating a hole shaped like Gonzo as you and other guests prepare to enter a room containing boxes of Muppet props. Located above your head are three distinct televisions displaying comedic adventures featuring Muppet characters.

The show Muppets Vision 3D begins as Kermit the Frog gives a tour of Muppet Studios. What is Muppet Studios? For those of you that don’t know Muppet Studios is a location where 3D effects are performed and most of the Muppet characters get ready for their upcoming segments. The first computerized 3D imagery Muppet, Waldo C. Graphic, demonstrates how he creates mayhem and destroys things in the film.

Not only are you watching a show you’re able to see things within the show come to life. During the show computerized bubbles are displayed on the screen and actual bubbles blow from the ceiling. What an amazing effect.

Near the end of the show Muppets Vision 3D, Swedish Chef attempts to destroy Waldo by shooting at him while he’s all alone. After several missed shots holes appear on the screen as well as the walls of the theater and the Swedish Chef resorts to bigger measures, an enormous cannon. As a result, the theater blows up leaving a hole in the screen and exposed brick and sheetrock throughout the rest of the theater revealing what is present on the other side of the screen. Any ideas what is on the other side of the screen? Guests at the park are revealed and Kermit the Frog rides on the back of a fire truck apologizing and ending the show.

The film ends as Waldo makes a reappearance behind a set of red curtains and transforms into Mickey Mouse so he wouldn’t be recognized. He later turns back into Waldo and the film’s final comments are made by Statler and Waldorf.