Disneyland Finding Nemo Submarine Ride

Finding Nemo is Finding Disneyland Fun!


How would you like to go on a Finding Nemo Submarine Ride in Disneyland?  Based on the Disney/Pixar film “Finding Nemo”, this Tomorrowland attraction can be had with any basic admission ticket or Park Hopper pass.

About the Original Submarine Voyage

The original attraction was titled “Submarine Voyage thru Liquid Space and was constructed in 1959 to show off Disney’s new technological prowess.  It remained a fairly popular attraction until it was closed in 1998 for an overhaul and reconstruction.

At first Disney planned on re-theming the submarine voyage with an Atlantis theme.  But the animated movie “Atlantis; The Lost Empire” was not as popular as Disney was hoping it would be, so they delayed the re-opening, giving it a Finding Nemo theme instead.

The result was a ride so popular that after its initial opening lines for the ride would sometimes be four hours long.  But the ride was, and still is, worth the wait.

Today’s Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Using some of Disney’s latest image technology, guests of today’s voyage enter the ride through the NEMO (Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation) research center.  They board one of the research submarines and set out to find an underwater volcano.  The new upgrades were not cheap by any means.

The view from each porthole shows the guests scenes that look eerily like ocean views from the movie including glimpses of giant sea bass, a seaweed forest and the ruins of an ancient civilization.  Of course then you find a coral reef where you enter caverns where the fish talk, eels have wrestling matches and your submarine jumps into the east Australian Current and finally finds its way through a crowd of jelly fish.

Many of the adventures from the movie including a run-in with sharks as well as hitting a WWII mine and encountering the deep-sea angler fish that nearly ate Dory and Marlin in the movie.

With so many refererences to the movie, you can see why it is so popular, especially with younger children who closely identify with Nemo as well as with so many others of the characters in the Disney/Pixar film.

While the attraction is still popular, the lines are usually not nearly so long as they were on the ride’s initial opening which means that it is a definite must see on your Disney vacation itinerary.

Affording the Nemo Adventure

Many parents put off taking the family to Disneyworld to enjoy the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage as well as the other popular Disneyland attractions due to the high price of tickets or accommodations.  The good news is that there are plenty of discounts available that will allow you to take your family on an adventure that they will always remember.

Make sure that you do your research regarding the various discount packages that are available.  Chances are that you will be able to find the right combination of ticket price and hotel or travel hotels that will help you to save money; money that you can spend on things that really matter in order to give your family as many happy Disneyland vacation memories as possible.



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