Buena Vista Street was formerly known as Sunshine Plaza and this themed “land” is located at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort. It got its name for the real-life Burbank on where the Walt Disney Studios is set .The central plaza represents the 1920 Los Angeles when Walt Disney arrived there to realize his dream of becoming an animator.

A small scale Hyperion Bridge replica is also present which was being constructed when Disney stayed in Atwater Village. The Hyperion Bridge functions as a working bridge to support Buena Vista monorail system.

Sunshine Plaza was designed in such a way that you would feel like you were stepping into a California postcard. There is letters spelling out California and there is also a mock-up replica of the Golden Gate Bridge. This Golden Gate Bridge also serves as a disguise to the resort’s monorail track. On the both ends of the golden gate are two massive murals which depict the mountain ranges of California. Sunshine Plaza also acts as an access hub to other themed lands. You can also find a fountain having a large sunburst. This sunburst is designed in such a way that it reflects sun’s rays into the surrounding areas. The replica of the California Zephyr can also be found here. California Zephyr houses Baker’s Field Bakery and Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream restaurants. Greetings from California and Engine Ears Toys the two are the biggest souvenir shops in Sunshine Plaza. Don’t forget to check them out !!

The Awesome Storytelling of Disney

The renovation was not cheap by any means.  Disney has spent $1.1 billion re-construction of Buena Vista Street and what Buena Vista Street depicts is the story of Walt Disney. Disney arrived from Kansas in 1920 to Los Angeles with the dreams of being an animator. The nostalgic look at Los Angeles of 1920 is sure to blow your mind. Disney describes the time as the beginning of a wonderful, inspirational period of his life.

You can board the Red Car Trolley to take a tour of the Hollywood Land. The Red Car Trolley would take you through the Carthay Circle Theatre, California Adventure landmark which is at the hub of the park and the beautiful fountain that reflects sunlight. The dozens of shops and restaurants features vintage architecture and visitors may scroll around Buena Vista downtown and enjoy what New Buena Vista Street have to offer.

Buena Vista Street Landmarks

The turnstiles at the entry of Disney California Adventure are inspired by the Pan-Pacific Auditorium which was designed by Welton Becket who was a great architect at that time and Disney consulted him to change his vision to the wonderful Walt Disney Imagineering. The Buena Vista Plaza town square has a flag pole, red Car Trolley, Oswald’s gas station. The Hyperion Bridge leads you into eight themed lands of Disney California Adventure. You can find the Carthay Circle Theatre here

You can also find the “Storytellers,” statue of young humble and dreamer Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse. The Red Car Trolley’s are designed on  two Pacific Electric Railway designs which depicts the era 0f 1920.


Shopping On Buena Vista Street

You can find Oswald’s stands On Buena Vista Street. Oswald named after the lucky rabbit store sells vacation necessities like travel mugs, sunscreen, hats and on the other side you can find  Los Feliz Five & Dime which is a variety store for finding great t-shirts, fleece, hats, figurines and souvenirs.  Discounts are available in all stores for any annual pass holders.


There are also big toy shops which sell interactive toys and games of popular Disney characters such as Tinker Bell, Disney Princesses, Phineas & Ferb and Duffy the Bear.  Elias & Co which is the largest shopping location on the Buena Vista Street has watches, handbags, accessories and more on display. It gives you a look of deco style department stores of the early 1920s.Atwater Ink & Paint is a Hollywood style marketing house which sells coffee, tea and other delectable treats which you can eat there or take home. Hand-pulled taffy, gourmet marshmallows, caramel apples, toffee, dipped strawberries and more made on the spot by Disney candy makers can be found at Trolley Treats. Dining along Buena Vista Street includes the Carthay Circle Restaurant and Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café. The Entertainment on Buena Vista Street include ”The Red Car News Boys” as well as citizens of Buena Vista Street who interact with the guests. Cars Land show cases the immersive re-creation of Radiator Spring racers and the Ornament Valley.


Buena Vista Street

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