As fall begins and the end of October quickly approaches store owners, amusement parks, and haunted houses are preparing for the upcoming Halloween season. How exactly do stores and amusements parks prepare for Halloween? Since every store owner and amusement park has a different mission and get of goals they want to accomplish for the Halloween season their preparation process will vary accordingly.

Do you live in the California region? Are you interested in visiting a haunted house in October? Instead of going to a haunted house you should look into going to Disneyland. Disneyland tickets are offered at a huge discount during this time for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.

Let’s take a closer look into how Disneyland plans and prepares Space Mountain for your Halloween visit. In 2009, Disneyland first transformed Space Mountain into Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy in preparation for its Halloween extravaganza. What does this Halloween transformation entail? Subtle yet mind blowing changes were made to Space Mountain in hopes of frightening those individuals that come specifically during the Halloween season.

The planet screen located on the inside of the space port creates a green storm effect which causes major static based interruptions to appear on the screen. Following this static, a blue screen appears which says “signal lost, searching, and signal established.”

Five projection screens are located outside of the dome all of which display different things reminiscent of the Halloween season. The dome turns grey in color with cracks representing a break. This appears on the first projection screen followed by a green grid at the top of the dome.

Are you frightened yet? More than likely you’re waiting in anticipation for that scary moment to occur. Since you’re not sure when this will occur, continue to wait patiently.

The next screen displays an alien arm similar to that of a nebula ghost running and pushing outward from the inside of the dome. Not scared yet? The third screen shows scratch marks as they appear on the dome while the fourth projection displays a set of lightning bolts striking different portions of the dome. Bear in mind that there is one projection screen left. Can you guess what will appear on the last projection? The final screen shows nebula ghost activity which causes the dome to explode and turn into purplish radar.

Significant changes to the Space Mountain ride were made. The top of the first lift contains lights which are now an eerie green color and an extremely large nebula ghost captivates the second lift. The original flashing lights in the tunnel have been removed so the tunnel is pitch black.

We can’t unleash all of the new scary attractions so we will let the remainder be elements of surprise. Come visit us today and see what we have arranged for Halloween.