Ever since I was little, all I wanted to do was travel to Disneyland and see the sleeping beauty castle. When we go to the park, I was surprised to find out that the tickets that my family had purchased were discount tickets!! It definitely felt like that had paid a pretty penny on these things. The park itself is beautiful, but there it stood.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle! Upon entering the castle, it’s like walking up to her tower, telling the story from the very beginning. Right from the get go, you get the story started. Maleficent Curse, and the burning of all the spinning wheels in the kingdom. And to keep her safe her fairy god mothers took her into the forest to keep her safe.

Aurora grew up beautifully but on her 16th birthday she was drawn to a tower with a glowing light to a moving spinning wheel. A voice told her to touch the spindle, she obeyed and fell into a very deep sleep. Had it not been for the fairies changing the curse, Aurora would have died. When Aurora fell to sleep, the fairies put the whole kingdom to sleep so that they would be there for her, when she awoke. It feels like you are there!

The special features and effects put you right in the middle of all the action. One of my favorite features in the hall of goons. They are so goofy and THAT LAUGH!! HAHA! As you continue to climb the stairs and go through the dark halls, the story continues to unfold. Sleeping beauty continues to sleep as Prince Phillip comes through on his noble stead to rescue the fair maiden with true loves first kiss.

The fairies help Prince Phillip get through all the debris and obstacles as he makes his way to Sleeping Beauty castle. As he gets closer and closer to the tower, Maleficent appears and turns herself into a flaming bright red dragon to try to attempt to halt Prince Phillip in his footsteps. Prince Phillip was able to stop Maleficent by throwing his sword and hitting her in the heart. Prince Phillip was able to make his way to Aurora and wake her with true loves first kiss.

This is definitely a classic love story. Once he kissed Aurora the entire kingdom woke along with Aurora and life picked up where it left off.   To be able to have a feature like this is simply amazing.   It fits right in with the look and the effects and has that special magic to make you feel like a kid again. If you can get yourself some discount tickets this would always be a family favorite. Even if you can’t it’s worth the time to go take a peek.