Goofys Sky School is a fun 2 minute ride with crazy turns and twists from the good-natured but not so bright Mickey Mouse side-kick.

Located in the Paradise Pier section of Anaheim’s Disney California Adventure park. The ride is a refurbished version of the 2001 Mullholland Madness ride which was based on the variety of cars you typically find on a Southern California Freeway. The ride is a steel-wild mouse style roller coaster that travels at slow to moderate speeds. No structural changes were made, just re-theming and a new paint job with Goofy laced props and audio. The ride concept is derived from the Disney cartoon “Goofy’s Glider”.

While waiting in line billboards tell the back-story of how Goofy converted a chicken farm into a flight school. The story is accommodated with fun illustrations of Goofy flying his single-propeller plane with farm birds tagging along.

Manufactured by Mack Rides it starts with passengers boarding a 4 seat car (two in front, two in back) with individual lap bars. Once the “flight” begins you travel for a short time before making a sharp U-turn, immediately followed by another sharp U-turn and continuing with steep drops, up & down motions, back & forth patterns and an abrupt stop at the end. Pretty much what you would expect when Goofy is instructing a flight class.

This ride is a big hit with grade school children with a 42” height requirement. Small children must be accompanied by a 14 year old and it’s one of the few rides that accepts FASTPASS. It also offers single line boarding (average 10 minute wait) and non-FAST pass riders can expect a 15-40 minute wait.

If any criticism is warranted it’s for having a tight car space. It’s not the most comfortable fit for someone that is tall or has wide shoulders. But the ride duration is so short and fun that it is worth it. For those who suffer from motion sickness this may not be the ride for you. It has constant side-to-side jerking movements from beginning to end.

The configuration of the ride can also be slightly intimidating. On some of the sharp turns you feel like you’re going to be ejected. But in a weird type of way it makes the ride more fun, Wheee! If you can’t get over the fear of feeling like you’re going to be thrown off the ride, some have suggested riding it at night. The darkness hides the distance from the ground and assist with reducing psychological stress.

This ride is not the most impressive for adults but generally enjoyed by families and children. What child wouldn’t enjoy passing goofy billboards, on fun dips and an overhead accolade from Goofy after completing his flight school.