The new CarsLand in Disney’s California Adventure is drawing big crowds, especially at the premier attraction Radiator Springs Racers.  With fast passes for the attraction running out well before noon and lines reaching three hours or more, it may seem like your entire day at the park will be spent waiting for this one ride.  But did you know there’s a fast and easy way to bypass the main line?  This attraction is one of the only ones to feature a ‘single riders’ line.  Each car for the ride is built to seat up to six people; however, typically most parties are smaller so single riders are used to fill in the extra seats.  Although you won’t always be sitting next to each other, typically multiple single riders will be placed in the same car allowing you to enjoy the attraction together.  Be advised that as a single rider you may be separated from your party.  It’s a risk but the reward is that the wait is often less than half of the regular line’s wait.  To enjoy this ride you have to have park hopper ticket or a ticket that allows you in to California Adventure.  Discount Disneyland tickets are available to military.  So if you know someone in the military, they may help you experience Radiator Springs Racers for less.  The new ride is entirely based on the popular movie Cars.


The movie stars ‘Lightning McQueen’, a fast driving and slick talking race car.  In his world everyone is a car.  The movie opens with a huge race that ends with a 3 way tie between Lightning and two other cars.  Since there was no clear winner, a new race between the 3 cars is scheduled for the next week.  While on the way to the next race Lightning McQueen is accidently thrown from his transport vehicle causing huge damage to the small town of Radiator Springs.  The town sentences McQueen to repair all the damage he caused before he can leave for his big race.  After several failed escape attempts, he ultimately accepts his punishment.  This is a classing ‘fish out of water’ story.  The flamboyant and flashy race car is surrounded by slow talking country folk.  Lightning soon befriends many of the town folk after realizing that he has much to learn from them.  Especially from the town judge, who is secretly the ‘Hudson Hornet’ one of the greatest race cars in history.  After finishing his punishment, Lightning leaves for his big race.  The real is not about the race, it’s about how more important things.  In the beginning Lightning was obsessed with winning and fame.  By the end of the story Lightning realizes that the friends he made in Radiator Springs are much more important to him then his big race.


This is a great back story for the popular ride.  The admiration for the movie translates directly on to the ride as you are literally transported through the movie scenes.  Of course ending in a big race, just like in the film.


So the big question is why is Radiator Springs Racers so popular?  It’s because it’s an entertaining ride for the whole family and incredibly rich in eye candy throughout the entire ride.   It now tops my list as my favorite ride at Disneyland.





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