Paradise Pier inside California Adventure is another masterpiece from Walt Disney’s Imagineering Creation. This ‘themed land’ is part of the Disney Resorts in California, where visitors can have a good time exploring the various attractions and entertainment centers normally associated with Disneyland Amusement Park. Well, when you are going to Disneyland, you know what to expect: magic and loads of fun. And the Paradise Pier inside the California Adventure won’t disappoint you; a visit to this recreational park will definitely give you lots of fun as well as plenty of pleasant memories.


Although the name of this amusement might mislead visitors to think that the Paradise Pier is a pier, it is actually not a pier. The Paradise Pier is just a waterside area of Disneyland California Adventure. Located in close proximity to the Paradise Pier is the roller coaster, California Screamin. The Paradise Pier has lots of attractions and fun spots where visitors can thoroughly enjoy themselves.


The Mickey Fun Wheel is one of the attractions that magnet thousands of visitors to the Paradise Pier section of Disney California Adventure. The Mickey Fun Wheel is one of the two “wonder Ferris wheels” still operating in United States presently. The design of this fun wheel was inspired by the original 1920 Wonder Wheel in Coney Island, New York. The Mickey Fun Wheel offers visitors a riding experience that is breathtaking and amazing.


A ride on the Mickey Fun Wheel will take visitors to a height of 150 feet above sea level and offer them an awesome view of the splendor and beauty of the Disney California Adventure Park. There are 24 colorful gondolas revolving around the giant wheel at the Paradise Pier. Of the 24 gondolas, 8 are stationary gondolas – which can be identified by the face of Mickey Mouse – and the other 16 are swinging gondolas featuring the faces of Donald, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy. Thus, a visitor can go for a wild, exciting ride on the swinging gondolas or a gentle ride on the stationary gondolas. Each gondola can accommodate about 6 passengers on each ride.


Walking on the amazing Boardwalk at Paradise Pier is a pleasant experience. A visitor can go on a stroll in the awesome Paradise Pier’s Boardwalk while enjoying the scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere of this recreational park. Other attractions in the Paradise Pier include the Toy Story Midway Mania, the Silly Symphony Swings, the World of Color, the Goofy Sky School, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Sea Underventure, and the Games of the Boardwork.


So what is the inspiration behind the Paradise Pier? The historic Victorian Boardwalks along the coast of California is the inspiration behind the Paradise Pier. The Pier was designed to bring back memories of the Victorian Boardwalk.


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