Disneyland’s Latest Renovation: The New Fantasyland Theater

Are you considering taking a family vacation but simply not sure where you would like to take your family? If a family vacation is in the works come to Anaheim, California, and see the magical side of Disneyland. Worried about potential costs you will incur from taking your entire family to visit the park? There’s no need to worry because the park features cheap park hopper passes at a very affordable price.

With numerous great features and attractions Disneyland will not only keep your children interests but will manage to capture the interest of adults as well. Let’s take a closer look into one of the most popular attractions, the new Fantasyland Theater.

The new state-of-the-art Fantasyland Theater is located in Disneyland’s expansive Fantasyland. Fantasyland Theater originally referred to as “Videopolis” in 1985 had a 5,000 square foot outdoor amphitheater with over 70 television monitors. It doubled as a theater for live shows during the daytime and a dance club for all ages in the evenings. The television monitors displayed music videos and live feeds so guests would be able to both view and watch themselves as they danced. A few decades after its opening, in 1989, the dance club concept was discontinued and the original Videopolis only featured stage shows. At its prime the theater also featured concert performances from bands and singers including New Kids on the Block, Janet Jackson, and the Jets.

In 2009, the space was renamed and is now known as Fantasyland Theater. What shows use to be featured and are still highlighted on the Fantasyland Theater’s stage? Live featured shows consisted of large scale productions, such as:

  • Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
  • Dick Tracy in Diamond Double Cross
  • Disney Princess Fantasy Faire
  • Mickey and the Magical Map
  • Mickey Mouse Club Reunion
  • One Man’s Dream
  • Sing’in’ Dance’in’ Heigh Ho
  • Snow White: An Enchanting New Musical
  • The Magic of ChristmasThe Spirit of Pocahontas

The new Fantasyland Theater had undergone drastic renovations to accommodate all guests. A newly enhanced wheelchair access, technologically updated booth, new lighting systems, improved audio functions will maximize the number of guests who come to the Fantasyland Theater for entertainment. Innovative benches provide seating for approximately 1,800 guests.

In the new live stage production at Fantasyland, “Mickey and the Magical Map,” Mickey Mouse and the rest of the cast of the Disney cast go on a musical adventure though a map with magical powers. This live show allows children and adults to embark on a storytelling experience with some of Disney’s most popular characters.

If you and your family are ready to sit down and enjoy a real show visit the new Fantasyland Theater today.