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The Disneyland Fantasyland Theater is home to the new live show, Mickey and the Magical Map show. This 23 minute high energy show mixes live musical theater and animation with a good dose of Disney Magic. Fans of Disney classics will love this remix of some of their all time favorites. Admission to the show is included in any Disneyland pass. You can check on-line for cheap or discount pass availability.

The show opens with Mickey still toiling away as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Yen Sid, the powerful sorcerer tells Mickey he isn’t ready to learn the secret of the map just yet, but when Mickey finds an unfinished spot he decides to try and impress his boss by finishing it. The spot turns out to be a bit playful and before you know it Mickey, and the audience is off on a magical journey to some familiar places.

Planning the show took months and the cast of 50, chosen from among 900 hopefuls rehearsed for 40 days before opening on May 25, 2013. This is the first new live show at the Fantasyland Theater since 2006 so the venue underwent an extensive renovation including the addition of a 35,000 square inch LED screen that backs the 3 level performing stage.

The show is perfect for Disney fans of any age. There are six musical numbers including King Louie, the jazzy orangutan from The Jungle Book singing I Wanna Be Like You. Louie dances and with some help from animatronic artists, Louie’s mouth lip-syncs and his eyes blink. The seamless combination of special effects and live action is a triumph for the producers from Disney Live Entertainment.

Three Disney princesses take the stage at the same time for a medley. Pocahontas, Mulan and Rapunzel with the help of Flynn Rider from Tangled reprise their signature songs. The Magical Map visits Sebastian from The Little Mermaid in the form of a large articulated puppet, singing Under The Sea, and then Mickey catches a wave in Hawaii to the sounds of Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride from Lilo and Stitch.

For the big finale, the 71,000 pounds of LED screen splits down the middle and glides apart for Tiana from The Princess and the Frog to ride in on her 18 foot high paddle wheeler. She belts out an excerpt of that show’s Dig a Little Deeper and leads the cast in the finale, Journey to Imagination. The song was specifically written for the show.

If you are on a park hopper pass and plan to split your time between the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure Park then make sure to check the schedule.  Mickey and the Magical Map show runs five times a day in the summer and then goes to a modified schedule for the fall.