The first stop my daughter insisted we take was to a magical little place tucked off in the side of Tommorrowland. Pixie Hollow makes you feel like you shrink so that you can meet some of the smallest Disney characters, or the only characters worth meeting if you ask my daughter. Even my son enjoyed visiting Pixie Hollow, mainly because he got squirted by a few hidden flowers along the path but either way he loved it just as much.

Pixie Hollow, where Ariel’s Grottoe used to be, was built in 2008 for the The Tinkerbell and other Fairies we have learned to love from the Fairy movies. You get the chance to meet Tinkerbell and her friends we have all come to learn about and love just as much as the Tink herself. Just like all other attractions with characters, these characters cycle in and out at 45 minute intervals so you may not see the same characters twice. However, Tinkerbell stays out more than the others it is still worth the wait. We made a trip through it in the morning as soon as the park opened and then went back on our way out and was able to meet Tinkerbell and all of the other Faire friends we know from the adorable Tinkerbell movies.

Pixie Hollow is magically decorated, as only Disney can pull off, to make you feel like you are in the land of fairies. Water will shoot out from hidden places and music and sounds come from unknown sources. At the end there is a grassy place where the fairies are waiting to greet you and snap pictures with your favorite you and you little Faire lovers. One of the spots you meet a fairy can have some bad lighting you might want to turn on your flash, even during the day to try and fill in some of the shadows. The second spot is the main spot and usually has two or more fairies for you to meet and get pictures with. Here there is a Photo Pass photographer but I always recommend getting a few shots with your camera yourself.

Once your visit and picture taking are over you are transformed to your original size so that you can go out and enjoy the rest of the park. Best time to meet Tinkerbell and her friends are right when the park opens. The line should not be very long, and this one can get a little lengthy and time consuming but definitely worth the wait. If not pack a lunch so maybe you eat your lunch on the go as you wait in line and kill two birds with one stone. There is no Fast Pass so you are gonna have to wait this one out. Keep an eye on it during the day and try and hop in when the line seems it is the shortest. Either way and fairy fans are in for a real treat.

During your visit you can expect to see your favorite fairies:

  • Tinker Bell
  • Silvermist
  • Rosetta
  • Iridessa
  • Fawn
  • Vidia
  • Periwinkle
  • Glimmer
  • Rumble

So if you have a little girl that is in love with Tinkerbell and all her Faire friends Pixie Hollow is a must see attraction. There are many discounts on Disneyland tickets out there so why wait book that trip today.