Anyone who has ever purchased Disneyland Tickets can tell you that the memories created will last a lifetime. After all, Disney does it right! A visit to the park allows the guest to reminisce through childhood stories, songs, and familiar tales, perhaps long forgotten.

It was July of 1989 that the familiar strains of “Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah” would be heard throughout Disneyland. As the music wafted through the speakers, guests could be heard humming and singing along to the familiar tune. The physical manifestations of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, and the rest of the “critters” had now become the latest attraction known as “Splash Mountain”.

Far from being the typical log flume ride that other venues offer, Splash Mountain blended the technology, creativity, charm, and thrills in the way that only the Disney Imagineers could achieve.  This was not a cheap attraction to construct by any means.  Initially, the concept began as an alternative to the existing Bear Country and America Sings formerly located in Tomorrowland, both of which had been experiencing a decrease in popularity. Inside the theater which housed America Sings were over a hundred stunning animatronic animal creations. The man who created these was none other than Marc Davis, a true Disney legend and the original animator and creator of Brer Rabbit in the movie, “Song of the South”. It seemed a natural fit to integrate these old and new components into an attraction.

While the Imagineers had argued against the idea of a log ride due to the fact of commonality with other tourist parks, the concept of a themed water experience that told a story to the riders began to emerge as a groundbreaking endeavor. So began the work of bringing the “Zip-a-Dee-River-Run” to life. Disney C.E.O., Michael Eisner had originally sought to capitalize on the mermaid themed movie, “Splash”, which was a box office hit. He suggested renaming the attraction “Splash Mountain” with the addition of a mermaid into the concept. This was met with great resistance by the Imagineers, citing the inconsistencies with the storyline.

However, the suggested name did achieve a consistency with the other “mountain” attractions and thus “Splash Mountain” was born. As expected Disney treated its guests to far more than a simple thrill ride, they gave their guests am immersion into the adventures of Brer Rabbit and his contemporaries.

As plans moved forward for replication in Tokyo Disney, studies showed that the Japanese culture was not amenable to the single row seating which was currently in place at the Anaheim location. In answer to this dilemma, a new prototype was constructed which featured side by side seating. This proved beneficial both culturally and as a practical matter, and was subsequently put into practice in the California location as well. Walt Disney World in Florida serviced a large number of Japanese visitors and this also allowed a significant increase in the amount of guest able to ride per hour.

No matter the season, there are always plenty of memories to be made and pictures as you and your family are captured in a photo on the downward slope of the flume! You decide. Will you attempt a false bravado for the camera? Could this be the photo for your next holiday card?

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