Deep inside Adventureland in Disneyland you will find a boat ride your kids are sure to love. No I am not talking about It’s A Small World, I am Talking about the Jungle Cruise. Hop inside a boat and take a ride through the jungle where you will see animals, jungle natives, funny scenes, and ancient ruins. During your trip you have a crazy tour guide giving you the play by play of what you are about to encounter. Your children will love the baby elephants squirting water, the lions, the hippos, the piranhas and the gorillas. The Jungle Cruise is definitely a classic that cannot be missed.

While waiting in line you will see memorabilia from the 1930s like posters, trunks, and newspaper clipping. These displays get you in the mood for what you are about to see on the Jungle Cruise. As the boat attendants help you board the boat they will welcome you with a little boat history of the vessel you will be traveling on. Each boat has a different name and back story to it. The names of the boats are Ganges Gal, Irrawady Woman, Yangtze Lotus, and Congo Queen.

Once all passengers are seated your eight and a half minute tour begins. You will see many things like tigers that attack, crocodiles that are man eating, elephants that spray water, lions eating dinner, gorillas with guns that may shoot, hippos guarding their territory, natives of the jungle and piranhas that will attack. Don’t be alarmed these are all just animitronic so you are safe. The corny jokes and bad puns are the most dangerous part of the ride, if you can live through them then the jungle is nothing to fear.

This ride can sometimes have lengthy lines with it being located next to the Indiana Jones attraction and Fast pass booth for that attraction, it is also beside Aladdin’s Oasis. The best time to catch this ride before the lines get long is right when the park opens or before the park closes. Of course the ride is completely different after dark.

Some fun facts about the Jungle Cruise is it was one of the very first rides in the park. This ride opened July 17, 1955. During Disneyland’s 50th anniversary The Congo Queen got a new gold paint job, which not a cheap rennovation. When they first opened the Jungle Cruise it was a serious ride that Walt Disney designed after his trip he actually took through the jungle, later they added the skipper’s jokes as part of the ride to make it more fun and enjoyable. Also the barrels that turn water and the attacking piranhas were added in 2005.

So make sure when you make your trip to Disneyland,  you make The Jungle Cruise one of your must see attractions. You can find amazing discounts and deals on park hopper tickets, so book that family vacation today. Instead of wasting money on toys and games for Christmas that your children may never even play with surprise them with the trip of a life time. It is surely to be an adventure they will never forget!