How My Son Won Free Disney Tickets


My eleven year old son Ricky has to be the luckiest kid in the world. He and I were listening to the radio the other day when a very excited DJ came on the air and informed the listeners that he would be giving away 2 free Disney tickets to the ninth caller after he gave the prompt to call in.


Ricky and I continued to listen to the radio, me for the good, R&B music and Ricky for the prompt to make the call. I giggled to myself as I watched the poor child. He had his smartphone in his hands and he had already punched in the first 6 digits to the radio station into the dial pad. I was honestly about to nod off in my recliner when the unmistakable sound of the Beloved Disney character Goofy came blaring through the speakers.


I sat up and rubbed my eyes before turning to face Rickey. I told him to hurry and dial but he had already beaten me to it. I was actually excited to see if he could win the free Disney tickets. We live in Encino California but I’m a single father and I don’t really have extra money to spend on A Disney vacation. Ricky had his phone on speaker and I was actually disappointed when I heard the busy signal.


Ricky was persistent though and he hung up and dialed again. The phone began to ring and I thought Ricky might actually get through and win the free Disney tickets but the DJ came on and began to talk to some elderly sounding lady. She began to scream for joy and my heart actually sank into my feet as the woman said the phrase that pays, “bringing the beat with the heat.”


I was about ready to console Ricky when the DJ informed the caller that she was indeed the 9th caller but she had to answer a question. The DJ proceeded to ask the woman the names of Donald Duck’s 3 nephews. The woman’s first guess was Darrell duck and the DJ hang up on her after letting her know how wrong she was. My palms began to sweat because my son and I still had a chance at the free Disney tickets. Once again Ricky dialed the station and got another busy signal.


He was about to try again when the DJ answered the phone and a very excited young man yelled out the correct reply, Huey, Dewy and Louie. Once again I was about to console my son when the DJ let the young man know he got the answer right but he didn’t say the phrase that pays.


The young man tried to plead his case, but the DJ hung up on him too. The DJ then let the entire listening audience know he would be changing the question and the very next caller to get through would have the opportunity to win the free Disney tickets. When Ricky dialed again and the phone began to ring, I sat on the edge of my seat. I leapt for joy when the DJ took the next caller and it was my very own son. I walked over to the radio and turned it up some. The DJ then asked my son what was the first Disney cartoon. “Steamboat Mickey,” I blurted out louder that I had intended to. That’s absolutely correct the DJ informed us. We jumped and leapt for joy for the next 15 seconds or so while the DJ tried to calm us down.


Our free Disney tickets aren’t valid until after the new year but it’s still very exciting to know that my son and I will be going to the happiest place in the world in just a few weeks.



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