The Ride In CA Adventure: Soarin Over California

Disneyland in California houses Soarin Over California, one of the most awesome and breathtaking rides in the world. The ride is among the attractions that was present when Disneyland Theme Park in California opened for business in 2011. This ride is one of the star attractions of Disneyland, attracting thousands of visitors to the theme park. The Soarin Over California ride takes visitors on a flight across the very best of California, from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Yosemite’s half dome.

The Soarin Over California ride is so popular among park visitors that it is almost inevitable to meet a long line of people patiently waiting for their turns to go on awe-inspiring journey on this ride. For those who are in a hurry to get on this ride, Disney offers a FASTPASS service to the ride. However, only guests who are able to patiently wait on the queue for their turn will enjoy a more comprehensive and complete riding experience on board the Soarin Over California flight.

The Soarin Over California ride is a wonderful piece of engineering at its best. The interior of this ride is made up of 3 rows of seats. When the ride begins, the ride transport adjusts the rows of seats in such a way that the 3 rows lie on top of each other, moving up guests closer to the movie screen in the ride. Guests in rows 2 and 3 can see the dangling feet of other guests above them.

As soon as the ride begins, guests suddenly find themselves Soarin in the cloud, without any glimpse of the screen edge. Fresh, cool breeze rushes over the faces of guest. All of a sudden, the clouds clear away and guests will find themselves flying over the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and above the waters of Redwood creek, filling their senses with nice aroma of the pine trees.

During the amazing flying experience across California, Guests will notice that there is a corresponding change of scent with the scenery. While guests will perceive the scent of orange blossoms as they fly over the orange trees in Camarillo, the smell of pinewood and redwood will fill their senses as they drift over Humbolt and Lake Tahoe respectively.

Guests should try to locate the climbers when they enter Yosemite. Although the climbers are very easy to miss due to the splendor of the scenery, they can be spotted on the left side of the entrance of Yosemite. Guests should be on the alert when flying over the PGA golf tournament because a golf ball will be coming in their direction at full speed. During the flight across the Anza-Borrego, guests should prime themselves up for the pretty loud noises made by the Air Force Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds usually come in from the right direction and smoke up the whole place as they pass.

A ride on the Soarin Over California offers park visitors an out-of-this-world experience. If you want to fly without wings, go board the Soar Over California ride. The experience is just simply amazing.

During the entire tour you’ll see:

In order to enjoy a ride on the Soar Over California, you need to get a park hopper or California Adventure ticket.  Shopping around will always help you get a discount.  But it’ll be worth and for an awesome tour of California.