History of Tomorrowland


Tommorrowland can be described by the phase “Yesterday is history, Today is a gift and Tomorrow is a mystery”. Tomorrowland is themed around the future and the Disneyland always comes up with unique and innovative a amusement that takes the idea of future we have in our mind to newer and exciting levels. If you have already bought tickets then you can enter the Tommorrowland without paying any additional charges or buying any more tickets.

Many attractions that are featured in Tommorrowland are based on the blueprint of our Space Age future created by various scientists. The third generation Disneyland’s Tomorrowland has been featured in the Hollywood movie Meet the Robinsons in which they showcase the futuristic version of Tomorrowland in the year 2037(which was named as Todayland).The park actually has  rides likes  Space Mountain and Rocket Jets that is similar to the one depicted  in the film. Walter E. Disney dedicates this theme land to the future generation signifying Man’s achievement for creating new frontiers in science and conceiving new ideals to create a peaceful Atomic Age.

The first Tomorrowland was opened at Disneyland in the year 1955 and several of its planned attractions could not be made available to the general public because of the huge shortage of funds available for the construction of new attractions in Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland was made at the final stages of the development of the other 4 Disneyland theme parks, being the final one it have to build on a shoe string budget. Disneyland Tickets to Tomorrowland at that time were really cheap due to the less attractions offered by the theme land.  Tomorrowland went through a series of innovations and it was reinvented and reopened in the year 1986, which contained all the elements of the futuristic Tomorrowland.

The opening day of Tomorrowland uses the TWA Moonliner as a showpiece to attract the media. The Moonliner was based on the 1950’s television episodes of the Disney’s “Man In Space”. It was the tallest building in the Disneyland at that time and it was even taller than the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s main attraction was the Rocket To The Moon which took the visitors to an amazing ride to the moon on a rocketship. The entrance of Moonliner also had gimmicks like a clock of the world which shows any major time zones around the world.  Discount Disneyland Tickets were distributed by various media outlets the day before the opening of Tomorrowland. The Circarama U.S.A which was located in the north building had nine screens which showed movies and Tomorrowland also used the space station X-1 to show the satellite view of America. Monsanto Hall of Chemistry is famous for its walk-through tour featuring the vastness of the subject of Chemistry. The National Interstate System named Autopia which was an opening-day attraction is still present in the Tomorrowland although it is modified and renovated several times since its opening.

After its grand reopening Several new attractions like the Tomorrowland Boats which were renamed into Phantom Boats, in 1956, The World Beneath Us( a show that describes the Earth’s geology) and Aluminum Hall of Fame9which was fully sponsored by the  Kaiser Aluminum) were introduced. The major attractions of 1955 included the gasoline powered vehicles demonstration in the Flight Circle. The Monsanto House of the Future which was introduced in 1957 was a

Plastic house with four wings similar to many precursors at previous World’s Fairs was build. The four plastic wings cantilevered the central plinth of the building. The plastic house featured several innovative products and modern conveniences of that time like phones which display picture and televisions which used remote controls. Microwave oven was introduced to the US public through Monsanto House of the Future. Another attraction worth mentioning was the “the fastest miniature train in the world.” which was known as the shortest lived Disney attraction ever because it was closed down within a year after its launch. E-ticket attractions were also first introduced in Tommorrowland.

Most of the early attractions of Tomorrowland  were sponsored by companies like  Monsanto Space Mountain was opened in 1977.Star Tours and Captain EO was introduced in 1987.The Tomorrowland Terrace (TLT) become the most  popular outdoor restaurant among Southern California teenagers by 1993. As of today you can find Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Star Wars-themed motion simulator in 3D in the Attractions & Entertainment list of Tomorrowland.