The Haunted Mansion Ride and it’s history

Its one’s heartbeat that changes when you hear the name “Haunted Mansion ride”.  A haunted house ride that involves ghosts, cemetery, mausoleums etc is located at Disneyland and uses a lot of technology from ancient to modern times. Various other versions of this ride are located at the magic kingdom(Walt Disney World), Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. The main attraction is “Doom Buggies” in which the visitors are guided through endless horrible effects that will be no less than hell. The mixed effect of sound and weird displays will leave you with fear and panic.

The idea of Haunted Mansion ride was way before even Disneyland was finished and Walt had planned to build a haunted house for his Disneyland as every town has a haunted house that children make stories of. Walt wanted to have a building that looks very nice from outside not like all other haunted houses those have a condemned look. The design went through many changes .The first design was developed by Disney’s art director Harper Goff followed by Ken Anderson who worked on the first ideas by Harper to come up with a design that it would be placed in the New Orleans Square section of the park. Anderson imagined a thieves’ market, a haunted house walkthrough and a pirate wax museum. An antebellum design was finished and work started to get underway.

Rolly Crump and Yale Gracey started working for the special effects and helped in creating many of the stories of Ken Anderson. These effects were so frightening that even the cleaning crew stopped their work and one day Rolly and Yale were forced to clean the house. One day, even ghost was haunted by a ghost and this thing put the project on hold for quite a while. The exterior was completed in 1963 and there was an opening delay due to Disney’s involvement in the New York World’s Fair in 1964-1965. After Disney’s death the project made some progress. The idea of walkthrough was dropped and Doom Buggies took the place of this walkthrough. It was finally opened in 1969. The show was very nice and helped Disneyland recover a lot of money.  At start people think of it as a disappointment but the mansion remains one of the most admired attractions of the park.

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