If you are a health conscious parent like me then you want your kid to eat healthy foods where ever you go. Disneyland is no exception to this case. Amusement parks and healthy diets are usually not synonymous and every parent would expect high priced junk food that attracts kids to be the only available items in the Disney restaurant menu. Well, its not like that Disneyland Resort provides delicious and healthy foods.  It’s all a part of their Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living campaign. There are over 400 places to eat in Disney World and it can sometimes be hard to find the healthy food serving restaurant amidst the rest. Disney focus on helping families achieve healthier lifestyles especially the kids who gets attracted to fried churros or corn dogs. Kids can get vitamin-packed sides and drinks like apple slices and fat-free milk. They even have guidelines to keep the calorie consumption by each individual in check. The maximum calorie for a meal is 550 calories, 35 percent of calories from fat, no added trans fats and 10 percent of sugar added or none when possible. For kids who want meals that look like their parents, Disney offers mini versions of adult plates. As an adult you can get grilled chicken sandwiches and steamed vegetables. There are also desserts with No-sugar added on demand.


General Advice and suggestions on Healthy Eating in Disneyland


Buy fresh, not processed – You can always buy fresh fruits and veggies in and restaurant theme park. In the resort food court you can buy salad, boiled egg, or pita and hummus.


Substitute Junk Food- You can always substitute veggies/fruit in the place of fries. You can order half/full entree and specify the waiter that your meals should not be cooked in butter. You can speak with the chef and share your diet requirements and he/she would cook a meal that fits your specifications. You can also choose Buffets so that you can eat as much as you want of the foods that fit your needs. All the chefs I have dealt with have said their job is easier with advance notice.


Share – You can opt for a meal (rich entree or huge dessert) and share it with your friends than wasting your money on mere appetizer. You’ll be charged a fee for an additional plate at a table service restaurant, but that’s not a problem for quick service.


Breakfast are cheap and healthy-Try to eat your breakfast which is healthy as well as cheap.  You can have a truly nutritious breakfast at Disney’s by adding eggs, veggies, wheat toast and dessert to your breakfast. You can also ask a manager to show you the nutrition book and select what’s best for you.


There are also grilled chicken or rotisserie chicken offerings available. You can also order veggie burgers, turkey sandwiches or tuna pitas, wraps, and veggie flatbreads.


Healthy Meal for kids- carrot sticks, grapes, apple slices, applesauce,  and  jello are available for kids. In Disneyland parks you can find Fresh Fruit, hard and soft pretzels, whole pickles, chicken, turkey and veggie sandwiches, no-sugar fruit bars, bags of nuts, Chip and Dale’s food line  like nuts, pretzels, dried fruit), various fruit cups etc.


Disneyland’s  grab and go service areas where you can find yogurt, cereals, fruit, veggies, sandwiches, milk, and other healthy fruits and veggie options. Villa resorts also offer deli meat and cheese, whole grain bread. It’s better than grabbing burgers at a counter-service place.

You can have fruit slices and juice from a juice stand in main street called as the Main Street Fruit Cart. They offer Sliced Mangos , Seedless Grapes and Grape juice, Watermelon Slice, Banana’s, green Apples slices, Oranges juice etc.



Blue Ribbon Bakery  in the main street also offer whole fruit as well as nonfat vanilla yogurt parfait, and really good Kid’s Turkey Wrap which is Served with sliced apples and choice of Low-fat milk or you can go for juice or bottled water.


La Brea Express in Downtown Disney offer great nutritious food like granola bowl with fruit, fruit with yogurt cup. They also offer custom bakery items custom made with less sugar and less calorie products. There is also energy shot available in Juice Shack in Downtown Disney.

You can also choose Mickey Check meal which guarantees that the food item meets the nutrition guidelines that limit calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar. Disneyland resort also stopped serving McDonald’s foods to their customers.

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