Grizzly Peak inside CA Adventure

The catching Grizzly Peak is one attraction at Disneyland that will interest many. The peak itself has a story of magic behind it. The peak pays its dues to nature and allows toddlers and adults alike to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. The look of the Grizzle beak resembles a brown bear. The whole peak is made out of rocks to give the shape of a giant bear. The story behind the bear is that a coyote once appointed the bear in the forest to look after it but when man started to enter the area, the bear was being forced to leave. Seeing this, the coyote turned the bear into rock allowing the bear to stay without being harmed. If you want an amazing story, you can sure count on Disney to tell you all about it in the most magical way possible.

There are many attractions at the Grizzly Peak, one can enjoy the white water rapid ride on the Grizzle river run. This ride is quite thrilling to say the least. Kids can enjoy earning badges as a Wilderness explorer as the march, climb and uncover the hidden tasks in the forest. The adults can be a part of the Senior Wilderness brigade if they are up for some action. The adventure doesn’t stop here. One can even interact with the movie ‘Up’ characters and find some Disney characters dressed up for a photo session with the young ones.

People inside the Disneyworld can buy tees, ponchos, hats and so much more. The Napa Rose is a fine dining spot of you are hungry. If that wasn’t enough there is a hotel and spa located near the peak where one can unwind. There is so much that you and your family can discover here. Do spare some time to relish, the wonderful Grizzly peak.

One will surely appreciate the work the imagineers at Disney do after a visit here. The tell stories just the way you would love to hear them. A visit to the Grizzly peak is a great way to teach your young ones about nature and survival. If you are interested in going to Grizzle peak, you need to first land your family some cheap tickets. Here on this website, you will be able to find some amazing tickets at discounted rates.

Grizzly Peak