The Grand Californian Hotel was drawn from Walt’s love of the state and by the same pull of adventure that drew the great explorers before him. Can you imagine back in time to what Los Angles would have been like in the 1920’s, now take that thought and extend it back to the early 1800’s. Walk in the footsteps of those brave pioneers and pure hearted adventurers.

Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel takes its inspiration from one the of the great lodge’s built in Yosemite National Park. It whisks us away to the time of the adventure traveler while still reminding us of the frontier pioneer and explorer. It was built in the style & elegance of a Grand Old Hotel the playground of the New American Aristocracy. The hotel takes its character from the Ahwahnee Lodge that was built in Yosemite in 1925 and designed by architect Gilbert Stanley.   The Grand Californian Hotel lives up to its name with luxury and high prices.  With a typical night ranging between $400 to $800 per night, it’s not cheap.  But it’s well worth the cost with it’s beauty.

Gilbert was a student of the Arts and Craft movement of the early 1900’s. The atrium is supported by stone pillars and pine tree trunks the length of a football field. The central fireplace combines tile, ironwork and stone and burns continuously as the backdrop to storytelling sessions that are conducted throughout the day.

The six upper floors look down upon the atrium which has comfortable rustic sitting areas scattered about to provide warm and inviting family relaxation. The warm woodwork that forms the central reception area of the atrium is lit with missionary style lighting born from the Arts and Craft movement. This spectacular lobby is entered by passing through a magnificent stained glass doorway.

Your nights stay places you right in the middle of all of the magic and wonder that Disneyland has to offer. In the style that we would expect from a Grand Hotel your lodging offers a wealth of amenities. You can expect a little bit extra from this magical setting keep a look out for:

  •  A tour of the Hotel which explains its Arts and Craft Style
  • The Mandara Spa a world renowned facility
  • The Story Teller Café which hosts a character breakfast to meet Chip and Dale

The world travelers of old may have had a legacy of wealth, but one can be assured that their legacy came from a profound business savvy and ability to track down great deals and discounts. Although you may be in the center of all the activity you are not restricted to the excitement of only one park. Take advantage of the park hopper and expand your range of exploration and fun.

Disneyland has a legacy of imagination that takes us to magical settings. Walt never got tired of the creation of a magical environment and always knew that his work would be a work in progress. Rest assured that every adventure here is a new adventure.