What does it take to be a Disneyland Princess?

Have you ever wanted to become a Disneyland Princess? Just one trip to the Magic Kingdom can leave any girl (and even some mothers) with the sudden urge to run away and join the ranks of Disney’s beauties.  After all, where else can you get paid to look beautiful and wear awesome clothes while enjoying the surrealism of the Magic Kingdom? Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the other side of the ticket booth is not as glamorous as it may seem at first glance.

More Than Meets the Eye

Being a Disneyland princess is actually a good bit harder than it may first seem.  Not only do princesses have to fall within certain parameters for height and weight, they also have to stay in character the entire time that they are in costume.  When you think about some of the princess’ voices and mannerisms, you can see why this would be difficult.  And being a princess is not cheap.  Mind you, they go through some rigorous training before they are turned loose in the park, oftentimes training as less visible characters before being granted a tiara.

Being a princess also does not pay as well as you might think.  But for someone who is into dance and acting even a $13 per hour job as Snow White or Ariel is better than a similar paying job in an office setting.

How to Become a Disneyland Princess

Are you still seriously considering taking a stab at being a Disney princess? If so there are a number of things you need to know in order to even make the attempt at making your princess dreams come true.

First and foremost, you need to research what it is that Disney looks for in a princess.  Familiarize yourself with their physical type requirements and what they are looking for in regards to dance and acting experience.  Then acquaint yourself with the specifications for a Disney character actor audition because an audition is a must in order for you to even be considered for a costumed character job, let alone a “face” character such as one of the princesses.

Here’s a big hint.  If you are serious about being a Disney princess, you need a firm working knowledge of how the princesses talk, walk and behave.  Practice being your princess so that when you go into your audition you’ll be able to slip into character with no problem whatsoever.

The Dream that Doesn’t Die

Even if your dreams of becoming a Disney princess are shattered after you discover that you don’t fit the physical or talent requirements for a Disney character actor, you don’t have to be discouraged.  Don’t discount the fact that, simply knowing what all is involved with becoming a princess in one of the theme parks will help you immensely in appreciating what it takes to produce the aura of glamour that the Disney princesses bring to any Disneyland vacation.


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