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Disney occasionally offers the military discounts.  The discount is only for the 3 day park hoppers for almost half price.  But the more popular tickets are the 1 day park hoppers and 2 day park hoppers.  Our office is offering great prices on those and the discount applies to everyone.  Prices are listed below after the the article.  


I have a friend who has made a career out of working for the military. Since he joined he has married and brought into this world two adorable children. They are a wonderful family. Unfortunately, the pay isn’t what you would expect for someone who puts their life on the line for our country and has for many years.


The children are a bit older now so as far as that goes traveling is easier, less baggage required if you get what it means. A real relaxing family vacation is a viable option now instead of being more work and less play for the parents involved.


However money is tight and just your average road trip isn’t what they want to spend their money on. Something memorable, the all-American vacation. Anaheim, California folks. But can they afford it?


Well, I suggested they make use Disneyland Tickets Military discount program. They had never heard about it and it was something I have never used just heard of on the internet. We did a little research one night and found that if you book using Disneyland Tickets Military discount rates, you can get a 2-day park hopper pass for 59$ a person, or a 3-day park hopper pass for 129$ a person. We all know that your park pass and tickets are one of the largest expenses when planning this sort of a vacation, of course food, lodging and airfare are huge expenditures as well.


With the Disneyland Tickets Military discount program the family was able to opt for the 3-day park hopper pass and have 3 days to try and be able to see as much of the 4 parks as they could. They also received discounts on airfare and lodging.


They returned with so many wonderful stories and the pictures to go with them. The kids are all smiles when they get to share the autographs they collected in the books they got. Just magical to actually meet your favorite characters! All thanks to Disneyland Tickets Military discount program.


Now, he tells all the friends he serves with about the program and highly recommends it. Several friends have made use of the Disneyland Tickets Military discount program. Also next year we are going to try to get a group of families together during summer vacation and all go as a group. Just easier to keep an eye on all the children and be able to split up and go see all the things everyone is interested in that way not everyone has to stick to the exact same itinerary all day.


I myself won’t be able to take advantage of the Disneyland Tickets Military discount program, as I wasn’t able to serve our country due to a birth defect. I plan on going with the other families, and tell everyone about it so we are able to get as large a group as possible together for the vacation that I’m sure will be very memorable.




disneyland tickets military

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