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Do NOT expect huge savings from your AAA office on Disneyland tickets.  The savings will normally be around $5 off.  Our office will save you far more.  Please click on the link below for all our current prices.


The Happiest Place on Earth is a great spot for a vacation. Whether you are 1 or 101, it can turn your dreams into reality, but it can also cost you a pretty penny. Before you plan to visit Mickey Mouse and the gang, you will need to do some saving or dip into a fund you already have set aside for such fun.


There are opportunities to save when planning a trip to visit Disneyland in Southern California. Several places offer discounted Disneyland tickets AAA to the parks, but don’t expect much. You will not be finding any amazing half-off ticket prices to visit the Disneyland resort parks. You can, however, save a few dollars on your tickets. When it comes to such a magical and elaborate vacation, every little bit of savings is a blessing. That is money you can either hold on to or you can spend on a drink, snack or souvenir at the parks.


One reputable company that you may be able to check for a discounted ticket is the American Automobile Association, or AAA. You will need to check with your specific regional office about specific offers and prices, but it could be your best bet for saving money on Disneyland tickets AAA.


Something to keep in mind is offerings tend to not be for savings on single-day, single-park Disneyland tickets. AAA will more likely be able to help you save on multi-day tickets at tickets with the Park Hopper option attached. You may even be able to swing a free parking pass, depending on the current deals.


The main thing to remember is to check with your AAA office and to plan in advance. These are not Disneyland tickets AAA you can purchase the day you are heading to Southern California for your vacation. Just like the rest of your trip, you need to plan and pre-pay for your park tickets if you want to get the best deal and have the best experience.


This is especially important because not all AAA locations are able to offer discounts on Disneyland tickets AAA. If you do not plan ahead, you could easily end up paying the full price for a visit to ride Pirates of the Caribbean or visit the world of Cars.


That said, it is recommended you actually check with your AAA regional office about the savings possibility before booking any part of your trip. They may be able to offer Disneyland tickets AAA savings, but only on specific dates. AAA may also be able to help save you money on other travel expenses associated with your vacation, including your hotel stay.


Before you plan your next – or first – trip to Disneyland, make sure to check with AAA for potential Disneyland tickets AAA savings on your days in the parks. It could save you some money and make your visit that much more magical.




Disneyland tickets AAA

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