Disneyland; Making Dreams Come True – For a Price

Buying a Disneyland ticket just got more expensive.  That’s right, as of the beginning of June, 2013; a one day pass to this iconic theme park went up to $95 for a one day adult ticket.  The cost of a Park Hopper ticket went up to $137.  So if you are looking to take a Disneyland vacation, be prepared to fork over more cash.

Why the Rate Hikes?

Already one of the highest priced theme parks in the world, it never ceases to amaze the business community that Disney can continue to raise its prices and actually attract more customers.  Mind you, the popularity of the park has never been due to its being cheap.

Those who plan on taking their families to Disneyland have usually already resigned themselves to paying high prices for everything from rides and hotels to food and souvenirs.  They go for the experience.  They go in order to be able to say that they have gone, and to see the expressions of delight on the faces of their children.

Current price hikes are due, like much else, on the floundering economy.  In order to meet all of their own financial obligations, Disney has to maintain a quarterly increase in revenue and profits.  If other factors are remaining stable, this means having to raise ticket prices.

How Not to Pay a Fortune

Keep in mind that even though the daily rates for Disneyland have increased by a significant amount, there are still deals to be had.  For example, buying a Park Hopper pass or a multi-day pass to Disneyland can actually save you money in the long run.

Also, if you are looking for cheap deals on Disneyland tickets there are also plenty of travel agencies that will be able to find you deals based on a number of factors such as military discounts, special savings when you bundle your park pass with certain hotels and flights or any other number of variables that can actually make the overall cost of Disneyland seem affordable when compared to the advertised daily rates.

Keep an eye out at your place of employment as well.  Many times businesses and companies will offer special deals on ticket prices or ticket/hotel combos for Disneyland and other theme parks that make it more affordable for their employees.

The Right Package for You

The right Disneyland or Park Hopper packages are going to depend on you own personal tastes and needs.  While some packages are tailor made for families with small children, others are geared more for those with teenagers or adults who are traveling on their own.

The moral of the story is to use every means at your disposal to make your Disneyland vacation affordable even while the prices steadily rise every year in an attempt to keep up with the demands of the stagnant economy.  After all, the less you entry fees, the more you’ll have leftover to spend on everything from souvenirs to entertainment; things that will add to one of the most memorable vacations you and your family will ever take.



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