Disneyland Star Wars Land

The new Star Wars movie that is slated to come out soon was a result of Disney purchasing the rights from George Lucas which will not only extend arguably the most famous series in film history, but it also established Disneyland Star Wars Land which is scheduled to open up soon as well.

What is Disneyland Star Wars Land?

Announced at the D23 Expo for 2015, Walt Disney will start construction on lands with Star Wars themes for their Disneyland theme park as well as Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. In this manner, Star Wars fans will now have a place to visit that will bring this remarkable universe to life. Until the announcement of the Disneyland Star Wars Land, the fans of the series could only express themselves at various conventions and get-togethers that bring back memories of the films.  Now, they can plan on attending Disneyland Star Wars Land and Disneyworld upon completion of the Star Wars theme lands that will bring to life what only existed on the screen.


What Will Be Included?

The lands themselves promise to be the largest ever designed for the Disneyland theme park and will provide many familiar locations that fans will instantly recognize. There are two signature attractions that fans will surely respond.  The Millennium Falcon engaging in a secret mission where you can actually take the controls and perform all the incredible maneuvers that Han Solo and Chewbacca did in the film series.

Plus, there will also be a titanic battle in space where many familiar ships from the Star Wars genre will be recreated for your entertainment. Now, you can relive the glory of the rebellion against the Empire by being in the middle of a pitched battle for control of the galaxy.

Each separate land will take up around 14 acres is considered the largest expansion of any theme park in history. Naturally, there will be tie-ins to the new Star Wars film, “The Force Awakens” and doubtless there will be recreations of the film’s famous sets including the cantina as well as other notable settings from the movie series that will make Disneyland Star Wars Land an unforgettable experience.

Buy Your Tickets Today

Thanks to Costco, you can now purchase Disneyland tickets at a reduced price and put it together with a package that lets you stay in the famed Disneyland Resort. In this manner, you and your family can enjoy the park when the new Star Wars lands open up in the near future. You can purchase the tickets well in advance so that you can get ready for your vacation. There is little doubt that fans from around the world will be anxious to see the new Star Wars attractions and you can be first in line.

The Disneyland Star Wars Land represents a new milestone for Disney. And there is little doubt that they will put everything into this new project which will surely delight children of all ages. For Star Wars fans, they have found a new home thanks to this remarkable new project.