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Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets For California Residents and Visitors

It’s amazing that everyone tends to think of Disneyland as a theme park when it’s actually two theme parks. For this reason, my wife and I were absolutely thrilled to learn we could get a Disneyland park hopper tickets discount simply for being natives of the Golden State. It was actually my sister-in-law who initially pointed this news out to my wife Valerie and me.


Val and I were looking for a great place to spend our summer vacation when her sister Valencia suggested we look into a Disneyland park hopper tickets discount for California residents. We went online and sure enough Disneyland park hopper tickets discounts were available to us simply because we are residents of California. We jumped at the opportunity to save money and visit the most magical place on earth.


We could hardly contain ourselves over the next few weeks as we anticipated spending our summer vacation id Disneyland thanks to our Disneyland park hopper tickets discount. We live in Encino so there was nothing to keep us from enjoying the week off at Disneyland. The first day of the vacation, we got checked into the Disneyland hotel which is just one of the most underrated hotels in California. The place was absolutely beautiful. We dined in the fine Steakhouse 55 restaurant within the hotel and called it a night.


The next morning, Val and I decided to head to the Disneyland Park. It was difficult to leave our gorgeous room though. We decided not to squander the opportunity the way we had our honeymoon when we stayed inside virtually the whole time.


We arrived at the Disneyland Park a few minutes past noon and grabbed a bite to eat from the big thunder ranch barbecue. We then made our way to space mountain. I hadn’t been on that ride in years and I had honestly forgotten just how thrilling it was. It was great because Val would squeeze up close to me every time we would go around a tight turn. Next, we rode Splash Mountain and got soaked. While we were drying, we stopped by the Jedi training academy and learned the proper way to wield a light saber. We topped off our first day with a ride on Big Thunder Mountain and headed back to our room.


Val wasn’t feeling so great so we ordered room service and called it a night. I was just about ready to take advantage of day 2 of our Disneyland park hopper tickets discount when I woke up the next morning. Unfortunately, Val was still feeling under the weather. When she finally got her stomach to settle she told me she had great news with a big smile. It took me a minute to realize that she had been getting sick every morning. Val let me know that we were indeed pregnant and it made this the best vacation of all times.



Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets Discount

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