Disneyland Fastpass Secrets & Strategy


The best way to make the most of your day at the Disneyland Resort is to take advantage of the free fastpass system.  Fastpasses are tickets that guests can access for some of the most popular attractions through Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.  Fastpass kiosks are typically located in front of or to the side of their corresponding attraction.


Guests are limited to one fast pass at a time.  However, at the bottom of each fastpass, below the printed return time, there is another listed time that indicates when guests may get their next fastpass.  You can maximize your fastpasses by keeping a close eye on the “next available” time printed on the fastpass and retrieving your next one as close to that time as possible.  If you have a park hopper ticket you can enjoy having a fastpass for each park simultaneously.  It’s important to be aware that attractions are very strict on fast pass return times and will typically not honor them once it’s past the printed time.


If Disney’s California Adventure is on your agenda, be sure to get your fastpass to the popular and exciting Radiator Springs Racers attraction first thing in the morning.  Fastpasses for this attraction typically run out within the first few hours of the park’s opening.  The fastpass kiosk is located next to the It’s Tough to Be a Bug 3D show on the way to Cars Land.  As this is such a high-demand attraction, if you get a fastpass for this ride you can still get another fastpass for a different attraction without any delay.


Disneyland Fastpass secrets for Disney’s California Adventure show World of Color work similarly to those for the Radiator Springs Racers attraction in that you can still get another fastpass for a different attraction without a delay and it’s best to get the World of Color fastpass first thing in the morning as they run out quickly.  The fastpass kiosk for the show is located by the Grizzly River Run attraction.  World of Color is a magical water show spectacular that features scenes from beloved Disney films projected onto the waters in front of the Mickey Ferris Wheel.  Fastpasses for the show indicate which viewing section you will be placed in to watch the show.  However, if you still want to see the show without the hassle of getting a traditional fastpass, Ariel’s Grotto and the Wine Country Trattoria offer varied World of Color dining packages that come with a special fastpass for a reserved dining section from which to enjoy the show.


Disneyland’s beloved show about the power of imagination, Fantasmic! has recently transitioned to fastpass-required viewing similar to Disney’s California Adventure’s World of Color.  Fastpass kiosks for the show are located along the Big Thunder Trail in Frontierland.  The fastpass will indicate an assigned viewing area to enjoy the show.  Fastpasses for Fantasmic! are distributed while supplies last, however they do not cause a delay in getting a fastpass for another attraction.  There are several different Fantasmic! dining packages available from varied restaurant locations including Blue Bayou Restaurant, Hungry Bear Restaurant, River Belle Terrace, and Aladdin’s Oasis.  Dining packages include a Fantasmic! fastpass for a reserved viewing section.


It’s important to note that if you are planning to take advantage of Disneyland fastpass secrets and the dining packages for World of Color or Fantasmic!, reservations are highly recommended as packages are limited.  Reservations can be made through the Dine Line (714-781-DINE) or via Disneyland.com.


Fastpasses are a phenomenal and free way to expedite your wait for some of the most popular attractions throughout the Disneyland Resort.







Disneyland Fastpass Secrets


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