Don’t go crazy over the wait at Cars Land; head to Toy Story Mania in Paradise Pier for some good old fashioned competition with a 4D and Pixar twist.  Join all your favorite Toy Story pals on this wildly fun attraction where you use a spring-action shooter to aim for targets.  You will swivel and swirl through a toy land fantasy as you compete against family and friends.  During the World of Color show almost all the other attractions in Paradise Pier shut down leaving less crowds in the area.

What is Toy Story Mania?  Is it a ride or is it a game?  That’s the best part, it’s both!  You will be on a ride while you play this interactive game.  When we say interactive you will literally see, hear and feel the Toy Story characters as you ride along the movie screens.  The whole time you will be wearing 3D glasses and firing 3D gun.  For those who have ridden the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster ride in Disneyland, you’ll know what we mean.  What sets Toy Story Mania apart is the 4D experience.  During the ride you will be shooting plates and balloons on the screen, but certain shots will bring an added surprise.  Such as one of the balloons will be filled with water so you’ll be surprised to feel water really sprayed on your face.


As you can tell by the name it’s based on the beloved movie Toy Story, so naturally expect characters from the movie to make guest appearances.  All you favorites including Woody, Buzz, and Jessie will accompany you on your ride.  The back story to the ride is similar to the movie.  In the movie, a boy named Andy has several toys.  Unbeknownst to Andy, all his toys have a life of their own.  Lead by ‘Sheriff Woody’, Andy’s favorite toy since childhood, his toys co-exist happily.  Until Woody, later begins to feel jealous from the sudden appearance of a new space toy named Buzz Lightyear.  Woody begins to resent Buzz for stealing Andy’s attention, but before long the two get along better then ever.  This is what the game is based on.  While Andy is away the toys will play.  You get to ride along during all the fun.


To experience the ride you have to know how to find it.  This ride is not in Disneyland, it’s in California Adventure.  So it’s recommended you purchase a park hopper ticket.  Though these tickets are considered a bit pricey by some you can get discounts on the internet.  Cheap Disneyland tickets may also be available.  When you arrive to the park, simply look for it on the map is another easy way to locate it.  This is a new and popular ride expect a 30 minute but wait times have been well over 90 minutes on busy days.   There’s no way around the wait.  Surprisingly, though the ride is very popular fast passes are not offered.  Though the ride carts are small, only sitting 4 people per cart, single rider lines are not open here either.   With that being said, this ride is more then worth the wait.  It’s a definite to put on your ‘to do list’.


toy story mania

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