Discount Tickets Disneyland California are out there, you just have to know where to look.  I was chatting with my friend the other day. She and her husband wanted to take their two children (aged 8 and 12) to Disneyland in February 2014. She started doing a little research to see how it would affect her budget. First, she went to the Disneyland website to check ticket prices. They want a four-day Hopper with Magic Morning passes. The regular prices for that are $230 for their eight-year-old and $250 for the rest of them. That’s a grand total of $980 just for the Disneyland tickets. I could see her stress level rising.


Then she started talking about hotels and plane tickets. Their hotel of choice costs $2,595.00 for four nights. A plane ticket for each family member added up to $828. Their four-day getaway to Disneyland could end up costing them more than $4,400, she told me. I then reminded her that they would probably want to buy a few souvenirs and eat a couple of times a day. I didn’t mean to stress her out more, but when I saw her cover her hands with her face, I knew I had said the wrong thing. I could almost see her dream flying away. Or maybe it was carried off in the talons of a hungry hawk…


Many families are in the same boat as my friend — they want to go to Disneyland only to come to this same realization – it just isn’t in their budgets. However, discount tickets Disneyland California do exist, if you know where to look.


Regular priced tickets for Disneyland for 2014 are set. They range in price from $86 to $300. You can find the whole breakdown of prices on Disneyland’s website. On that same page, though, on the right hand side, you can find vacation packages and offers and discounts. The “Offers and Discounts” tab will take you to a page with options that may help you find discount tickets Disneyland California.


If you know where and how to look, you can find other places to buy discount tickets Disneyland California. If you are a teacher or a member of AAA, you should be able to get a discounted ticket price. In addition, various employers across the nation offer discounted ticket prices. If you are unsure if your employer provides this option, just ask. They may be able to give you access to discount websites.


Planning ahead, being flexible with timing your vacation, and paying close attention to deals is another great way to save some money on your trip.


Costco is another great place to check for discount tickets Disneyland California. They are a recognized and approved ticket dealing for Disneyland, and they may be able to get you that great deal you’ve been looking for. and are also invaluable websites to help you find information and great deals; although, Mouse Savers does admit that you probably won’t find huge bargain prices anywhere for Disneyland tickets. Expect to pay between 80 and 95 percent of the ticket price. But consider my friend: four days of tickets for her family of four would have cost $980. A 20 percent discount would save her and her family almost $200. Even a 5 percent discount would save her $50.


Beware, though, of scams. Do not try to buy discount tickets Disneyland California on sites like eBay and Craigslist. Some of those tickets may be partially used, entirely used or even fakes. It’s not worth the risk. No one wants to show up at the gates of Disneyland to find out his/her tickets are invalid.


While my friend has put her family’s trip to Disneyland on hold for now, she now has a better plan of attack for saving money. No matter what, she knows a trip to Disneyland is going to be expensive, but she is now learning how to be smart about purchasing tickets. Knowing the regular prices and searching for various options for discounted tickets can save her and a lot of other people a lot of money. Discount tickets Disneyland California are there for the people willing to put in the time to search them out.




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