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Finally Getting To Take The Kids To Disney


Like most people, my family is doing good just to be able to pay our bills and do a few extra little things here and there. However, my children are 8 and 5 and do not realize how much things cost, so every time we sit down to discuss where we will take our “family vacation” all the say is “DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY”. I finally decided I do not care what it takes we are going to make their dream come true. I jumped online and started doing some price checking and seeing what kind of deals i could find to make this possible. I came across some amazing deals on hotels and dining, but the best was the discount hopper passes for Disneyland and the other parks it includes. I could not believe how cheap it was going to be thanks to these different discounts. I immediately booked the trip. When we told our kids they were ecstatic!


After a few months it was finally time for us to go. When we arrived they could not decide which park to hit first. Thankfully I found the discount park hoppers for Disneyland so we were able to jump around the parks as much as they wanted. The first day of our vacation we jumped back and forth between the two different parks because the kids were just so excited and wanted to see it all. They thought it was amazing to be able to just jump on a shuttle and run from park to park, and we thought it was pretty cool as well. Jumping back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure riding rides, catching shows of all kinds, and eating at the different places were pretty amazing.


The rest of our vacation we would mainly stay in one park for the entire day. However there were times I went with my daughter to do the princess thing and my husband and son was able to use their discount hopper passes Disneyland to go do the Star Wars thing. What a perfect thing to be able to do. I love the alone time I get with my princess and my husband loves the alone time he gets to spend with his little storm trooper.


There were so many things we were able to do that I thought to myself “I am so glad we have the discount park hoppers Disneyland or this would not be possible” and I will NEVER go back to Disneyland without the discount hopper passes for Disneyland ever again. After this experience with them it would just not be that same. Anyone that tells me they are planning a trip to Disneyland I definitely recommend them to get the discount park hopper for Disneyland for their vacation as well.



Discount Hopper Passes for Disneyland

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