Your most reliable and trusted source to get the Cheapest Disneyland Tickets. Magic Ticket Discounts has been providing Discount Disneyland tickets for over 6 years and delivers on our promise to provide the simplest and most friendly alternative to buying your park hopper tickets at the park. We Guarantee your entry into the park 100% or your money back.  There’s no illusions here folks. Same Ticket, Less Money and Simply Magical.

1 Day Park Hopper $100

2 Day Park Hopper $190

Office open 7 days a week and the door opens at 7:30 am daily. We are your most trusted and reliable source and hope to earn your business.

Simply Click on Book Now Pay Later button in the Top Right Hand Corner to Book your tickets. If you have any questions feel free to call (866)297-4141. Thank you for visiting and have a great day!!


Our team here at Magic Ticket Discounts

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