Discount Disneyland Tickets for Students in Southern California


As a member of the honor society, I pretty much had my choice of which college I would attend. Yet in still I chose to attend the University of Southern California. I’m from Los Angeles and I wanted to be close to home. The fact that I can get discount Disneyland tickets is also a nice bonus.


The ability to get discount Disneyland tickets didn’t factor into my decision to attend school in Southern California but I certainly take advantage of the opportunity. I go to the legendary them park at least twice a year at extremely discounted prices. I especially love to visit in the spring time. First off, the park isn’t as busy and the discount Disneyland tickets are even lower because I get another discount for being a resident of California.


My next trip to Disneyland will be as a part of a large group of guys from my fraternity. Our house isn’t one of the wild, party houses so we aren’t as well known on campus but we do have a lot of the members of our brotherhood as fortune 500 CEOs. We’re referred to as Geeks and nerds but we’re smart enough to take full advantage of the discount Disneyland tickets that are available to college students. We went to Disneyland together last spring as well and we had such a blast that we decided to do it again. The highlight of last year’s trip was the Captain EO tribute. We’re all pretty big Michael Jackson fans and we got a little emotional knowing the King of Pop would never again make another video or song.


Next fall, I’ll be graduating with a master’s in physics but I want to go take advantage of the discount Disneyland tickets available to students at least once more before that happens. I may even go twice or 3 times before I walk across that stage signifying the end of my college days and my transition into the working world begins. I’m going to miss my school and my Frat brothers. I’ll still be able to go to Disneyland whenever I want and with the money I’ll be making, I shouldn’t need a discount anymore.




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