How Discount Disneyland tickets Costco Helped to Shape My Future

Our Park Hoppers & Disneyland Ticket prices are better then Costco and available below, I always thought people only shopped at Costco for their amazing discounts but I was online planning a vacation for my live in girlfriend Jennifer and me when I came across the Costco travel site. I was absolutely delighted when I saw the discount Disneyland tickets Costco that were available exclusively to Costco members.

Jenny and I have wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom together for a long time but the tickets and hotel accommodations were always well beyond our budget. This is why I was so thrilled to learn I could get discount Disneyland tickets Costco. I knew belonging to Costco had its advantages but this was a wonderful surprise.


I was able to plan out the entire Disney vacation from the Costco Travel website. It was like a virtual travel agent, allowing me to book the hotel rooms, the rental car and the air travel all from one place. The discount Disneyland tickets Costco were just the icing on the cake. Jenny and I had the time of our young lives as the incredible Disney characters from our childhood kept us entertained for the entire weekend. I actually rode on the tea cups with the mad hatter and Jenny got to meet the magical princess Cinderella.

Costco has always been known for their discount prices but who knew you could get discount Disneyland tickets Costco as well. Jenny ad I rode each of the mountain rides each of the 3 days we were there and we were like little kids again. It was actually while we were cuddled together after getting off of the space mountain ride that I had an epiphany. That night, we chose to go to pleasure island and danced the night away. We only had one more day left on our discount Disneyland tickets Costco and we wanted to enjoy our last night in Florida.

Our last day in the magic kingdom, we took it kind of easy and walked and talked while holding hands and enjoying each other’s company. We rode splash mountain one last time before it was time for our vacation to end and we both got absolutely soaked. As we were walking towards the exit, I pretended to slip and fall. Jenny, being the sweet heart that she is, came to my aid and took me by the hand to help me up. She didn’t even pay attention to the fact that I was on bended knee. As she took my hand to pull me up, I reached into my pocket and took out the ring. It was a cheap, plastic Daisy Duck ring that I bought from the souvenir shop just hours earlier but it would have to suffice until we got back to Hoboken.

I starred Jenny deep in her baby blue eyes and gently slid the ring onto her finger. Before I could even pop the question, she yelled out yes and began to cry. That was the way our perfect vacation came to an end and we’re scheduled to get married in the fall all thanks to the people at Costco and Disney world.


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