How To Get Discount Disneyland Park Tickets

Ask any kid to describe Disneyland and they would term is as ‘the happiest place on earth’. Well, there is a certain price which you ought to pay to experience this happiness. Enjoying the Disneyland Park is not cheap and hence, everyone is eager to find discount Disneyland Park Tickets. However, getting discount Disneyland Park Tickets is not easy and you may have to research hard since Disneyland is one of the most famous and popular attractions in California. You can certainly gain some discounts if you search a little harder.

Some of the best ways to get discount Disneyland park tickets are mentioned below.

Book in Advance

Don’t wait to purchase your tickets at the gate itself on the day of your trip. It is observed that a little pre-planning helps you save some bucks. When you book the tickets from Disney’s official site, you are entitled to get a $40 discount on each ticket you purchase. You may also be privileged to get early admission to the park though this can totally depend on the Disneyland park authorities. Always ensure that you’ve checked all the promotions and deals which are running on the Disney website during your date of travel.

Choose Disney Affiliated Hotels

Staying at Disney an affiliated hotel certainly helps. Although the room tariffs may be little higher as compared to the other hotels in the city but they may be able to provide you with packages or deals that can be great. When you sum up eventually, you may feel that staying at these hotels is always a good option and may prove more economical. Plus staying at these affiliated hotels may enhance your trip to the park because of their close proximity to the park.

Multi Theme Park Package

If you wish to visit other theme parks in the area, then you can buy a city pass. You would be eligible for a bonus 3 day pass to Disneyland park hopper ticket and get access to some of the finest adventure parks.

Buying Unused Tickets

If you want to receive discount Disneyland park tickets then you may have to do a little research on some of the sites like eBay or other websites where people sell their unused tickets for a very low price as compared to the official Disney site.

With proper planning and research you can save some bucks on your Disneyland park tickets. These are the few ways in which you can get discount Disneyland park tickets.


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