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If your family is like mine, your kids have been trying, since a very young age, to get the whole family to take a trip to the most magical place on earth: Disneyland. But, if your family is also like mine, this is only possible after saving up some money – a LOT of money. How can you make the most of a family trip to Disneyland?


One of the most popular options for families taking vacations in Disneyland is purchasing hopper tickets. These hopper tickets allow you to “hop” from park to park in the whole Disneyland complex. You can visit all four parks in the complex for one admission rate. Not only is this a great idea – Disneyland offers several different parks, each with their own admission cost – but also it’s a great value, especially if you can find some discount Disneyland hopper tickets.


When my family piled into the car for a vacation to Disneyland a few years ago, you can bet I scrounged the depths of the internet searching for the best online deals for discount hopper tickets. One of the best values I found for getting discount tickets was on a website called “”. The name of the website alone should give you an idea of what they’re all about! On this website, I found one-day hopper tickets available for $118. I know this seems like a lot of money, but if you know that your family is going to want to spend all day going to as many attractions as possible, you might want to consider it. For admission to just one of the two Disneyland parks, you’ll have to pay $87! If you visit just two parks in one day, the discount Disneyland hopper tickets will already have saved you a lot of money – $19 per person, to be exact. If you take another few hours and hit up one more, the value increases even more. You could end up saving $57 per person if you buy a hopper ticket and visit two parks in one day instead of two days!


Another way to get great discounts is to go to the parks during the off season. Disneyland offers a discounted rate for visitors during the winter months – which are quite mild in Southern California – and rates may be lower during the week than on the weekends.


We planned a trip that would last a few days, and we wanted to be at the parks for about three days. If we wanted to go to just one park per day, we would’ve paid $249 for admission. I wanted to see if I could pay as much for a hopper ticket for those three days. Sure enough, on another website,, I was able to find some discount hopper ticket rates that were right up my alley. They were offering three-day hopper tickets for adults for exactly $249! That means that for the exact same price, we could go to the fourth park during our three-day stay. We saved that extra $83 per person just by doing some online research!


Before you head to California or Florida for your family’s vacation to Disneyland, be sure to do some sleuthing around the internet. You never know how much money you can save with discount Disneyland hopper tickets!




Discount Disneyland Hopper Tickets

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