Discount Disney tickets 1 day helped to make my son’s day


There are a lot of people who would tell you that Florida is a great place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. I think this is an absolute load of hog wash and anyone who says that has obviously never lived here. There’s more to the sunshine state than just theme parks although the annual discount Disney tickets 1 day that the legendary theme parks make available are a nice perk.


One of the greatest advantages to living in the state of Florida is the fact that the state government doesn’t take taxes. Another great thing about living in our state is LeBron James. I know he’s only one member of the Miami heart squad but we never played for 3 straight championships before he got here. Sports are great here and there was a point in time where the State of Florida absolutely dominated college football. Even still, the annual discount Disney tickets 1 day may be my favorite perk of all. My husband and I make a yearly journey to Disneyworld Orlando with our 3 children Michael, Joyce and Jan. Joyce and Jan are twins and they like to take turns aggravating their older brother. Michael is 12 and the girls are 10 but Michael thinks he’s going on 25.


He has a girlfriend now and he was less than thrilled about having to ride for 3 hours in the back seat with his baby sisters. He was excited about the discount Disney tickets 1 day my husband, Michael senior, and I purchased online, he just didn’t care for going with his family. Since the children are older now, we decided not to go to the Magic Kingdom like we did in year’s prior. Instead, we purchased 4 discount Disney tickets 1 day for the amazing Experimental, Prototype City of Tomorrow which is more commonly known as Epcot center.


We live in Jacksonville and the 3 hour drive to the legendary theme park really gave Michael an opportunity to display his pre-teen defiance. Michael isn’t a bad kid by any stretch of the imagination but he’s at that age where he wants to be independent but he can’t provide for himself so he just tunes the rest of the family out. He rode the entire way with his headphones on listening to that God awful rap music. He didn’t even look up from his tablet until that giant MG Mouse Spaceship Earth came into view on the horizon.


Michael’s eyes grew almost as big around as the giant golf ball that he was staring at. I couldn’t help but to smile as I stared back at him in the rear view. He tried to wipe the smile from his face when he noticed I was looking but he couldn’t. He was too excited, as we all were, to finally be at Epcot center. It’s amazing how a family pack of discount Disney tickets one day can melt away puberty and return a sweet little boy to his child like self. As we approached the theme park, Michael didn’t even protest to me holding his hand. In fact, he squeezed my hand tighter as we approached. The family all agreed that the highlight of the trip was the Disney Dolphins in depth tour, where we were actually permitted to swim with the majestic creatures. However, as a mother, the highlight for me was seeing my baby boy smile, laugh and giggle like an innocent child for one last time because I know, it may never happen again.

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